March 27, 2009

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

If you have never seen/heard of the Discovery Channel's series "Planet Earth", you have got to see it! We just recently saw a few of the episodes at my parents' house, and we are hooked! They are re-airing on the Discovery Channel at 8:00 Sunday nights and we've been recording them.

Basically, each episode highlights a different zone or feature of the planet, like Mountains, Jungles, Caves, etc. The animals, plants, histories, and other interesting facts about that place are featured and it is AMAZING! My only problem with it is that they talk about evolution, and things that are millions and billions of years old....but if you set that aside, and just watch in awe of the incredible array of totally unique and amazing plants, animals, landscapes, and places that God created it is such a wonderful series.

Something that struck me as I watched the "Caves" episode, was that this certain cave in New Mexico wasn't discovered until 1986! And the formations in this cave were unbelieveable and beautiful and rare and so unique to anything else on earth....but humans didn't even know about them for a very very long time. So in my human-centered little bubble I thought, "Why did God make them if we didn't know about them?"----and God showed me the answer! WOW He made them because He wanted to, He could, for His glory and His pleasure. It wasn't about US--it was, and is about HIM! And so is everything else, whether we see it, or know about it, or whether it's buried in a cave, or at the bottom of the ocean, or hidden by God--IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM! NOT US!

God is so big and so great and so all-knowing and able to do anything. And "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, He created all of the unbelieveable things that I've gooten to see on "Planet Earth" and so many other unimaginable things, and He created ME!

Here are some pictures I found of some things that stuck out from the episodes I've seen:
These are the cave formations I was talking about.

This is the largest living thing on Earth it is the General Sherman redwood tree in California. It is 249 feet tall I think.

And the blue whale, the largest mammal. We humans still don't know much about it. But God sure does.

Chisholm Family Update

Sorry for the absence of pictures, but I have a wonderful new camera that must be installed on our computer and I haven't had the time (or the real desire) to do it, pics, just words.

We have lots of changes going on around here! Our kiddos are growing like crazy and changing drastically every time we blink.

~Talking much clearer and in sentences now.
~Favorite phrase "I don't want to"--many spankings to come
~Continued obsession with cars, trucks, and the movie Cars esp. Mater
~Loves music, esp. making it by banging on "drums"
~Loves being outside
~Just got rid of one (of the two) paci that he sleeps with, we're giving him a little break before going for the last one
~Is about to embark on potty training time! Fun fun
~Thinks that Ali Grace is the funniest thing ever! He laughs and laughs and laughs at her, and she just stares at him--he's doing it right now and I LOVE IT
~Likes giving Ali Grace a guitar (golf club) or a gun (golf club) so she can play with him--also likes to snatch said toy away from her (we're working on it)
~Loves yogurt, cereal, chicken nuggets, "fishies" (Goldfish crackers), cheese, fruit and "chee-chup" (ketchup)
~He's starting to look more and more like a little boy every day! He's so big!

Ali Grace:
~She is sleeping really well, some nights she wakes up at 2 and then 5, sometimes she makes it all the way to 4 or 5 before waking up
~We just started weaning her from being swaddled and rocked to sleep which has been hard--she's been crying it out--plus I miss wrapping her up and rocking her--but it is time :(
~Likes to have lots of attention, she will grunt, growl, cough and squeal until you look at her--so funny
~Her hair is getting longer on top and is almost long enough for a bow, and it sticks straight up, we decided she looks like a Cupie Doll
~She still will not take a bottle--now she just plays with it, I'm ok with it
~I still think she's going to be our wild one! We'll see.

Brian and I:
~We're both working hard at our respective jobs and trying to figure out how to fit it all in each day
~Brian's job has been really busy, and very stressful lately--I don't know how he does it--he works so hard to provide for us and we appreciate it so much!
~I'm still trying to find a way to get the housework all done each week, any suggestions?
~We're looking at a busy busy summer--Brian's guys weekend, going to the beach, spending time with both sides of the family, going to Memphis, and lots more--and we're looking forward to it
~We may also be doing some home improvements like putting up gutters and possibly painting a few rooms and I am itching to get more stuff up on the walls, we've lived here for almost 2 years and the house is still pretty bare

All in all we're doing great! We miss being closer to friends and family, but we like our little town. We are seeing God's grace in new ways all the time through our kids and we're both learning a lot. God is good and He is here and we're trying to walk with Him daily in faith.