June 30, 2008

Ode to Bullseye

O my dear dear Bullseye, I will miss you so.
I think of all the fun times we had,
And it makes me sad to see you go.
You survived SO very much!
We got stuck in the mud.
We went many miles.
We were never duds.
We caused many smiles.
I love the way you squeal and embarass me so.
I love the way your gas pedal sticks when I try to go.
I love how you smell,
Especially when the window doesn't stop water so well.
I love every one of your spots and dings and scratches and things.
I will miss you so.
Please be good and faithful wherever you go.
O my dear, dear Bullseye!
*sniff* I promised I wouldn't cry! *sniff*
The time has come to depart with my beloved Bullseye and get a larger vehicle. God totally arranged this, because we thought it would be years before we could afford this. But we got a great deal from my grandparents and we're going to buy their mini-van! So now I will be a Mini-Van drivin' Mamma!!! Woooohooooo! Praise God for this great and very unexpected blessing!

June 29, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I've been majorly slacking when it comes to taking and posting pictures lately, but now I have batteries for my camera and a little time, so...here are a million trillion pictures of Jack.
This was taken about a month, or month and a half, ago when Jack was just starting to really walk. He started out with his arms up in the air like he was holding on to someone's hands. What's cool to me is that when Brian started walking he did the same thing! Awwwww!
Here he is a couple of days later in his next stage of learning to balance. He figured out that he could put his hands on his chest/belly and stay up. He looked like an old man walking around.

And here he is now--yes he looks a little off-balance--but he's actually going full-speed, so this is him really walking. He will do laps around the house, going full-throttle and "talking" like crazy!

ATTENTION ART LOVERS: This is the premier work of art from the world's newest art prodigy: Introducing Jack Chisholm ladies and gentleman!
Ok, for real--this is Jack's first crayon drawing and I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I made this matte for it and put it on our fridge. :) I'm such a mommy!

He likes to get behind the table and shout/talk. Then I pretend to be looking for him and he squeals and laughs like crazy!

He still loves playing in his cabinet. He has acquired/stolen lots more of my kitchen stuff.

Jack LOVES books!!! We read allll day together and he reads on his own a lot too. He's so sweet!

My men are INCREDIBLE! Brian drove to Pine Bluff, bought two weeks worth of groceries, and then made dinner for us tonight--yummy fried catfish and fried okra! And Jack helped Mommy unpack the groceries! They are so good to me! :)

Jack had fun playing on the paper towels. A couple minutes after this picture he threw up all over the package and the floor. I think he got too excited jumping on it until he made himself sick.

Walkin' Man.


Silly boy!

Hanging out with Mommy watching Daddy work in the garden.
Playing in the loft of his swing set.

Jack and Brian put these on thinking they were funny hats, they're actually basket liners, but whatever works! They had FUN with it!
So, do you have enough pictures of Jack to look at now Dad???? :) I love you!

June 12, 2008

Our Neck of the Woods

Sorry no pictures today, my camera is dead and we haven't gotten any batteries, so....

We're doing really good. Just hanging around and having lots of fun! Jack is at such a fun age! He is hilarious! He makes me die laughing at least once a day! Plus, he's the cutest thing ever...so that's great too.

Some of his favorites right now:
~Walking around and around and around the house while talking and waving his hands in the air
~Bringing me books and sitting in my lap while we read them
~Singing "The wheels on the bus" about 50 times a day! So cute!
~Putting his abc magnets and block in his pots and stirring them up (alphabet soup)
~Running to the window to wave when he hears Brian's truck pull up, and then running to the door to greet him!
~Waving bye-bye to daddy when he goes to work
~Sitting on my lap and leaning back against the belly
~Eating fruit and pancakes

Some of his not-favorites:
~Having to come to us when we say "Come here"--he's getting very sassy
~Eating his vegetables
~Sitting still when we pray before bed
~When mommy is cooking and won't hold him
~Having his teeth brushed

Baby Chisholm is great! I had a check-up last week and everything was fine, the heartbeat was strong and there were no problems. She (I say it's a girl now, but who knows) is moving around like crazy! My stomach is constantly jumping up and down morning, noon, and night! I think this one's gonna be fiesty! This pregnancy has flown by! I'm like 25 or 26 weeks, which is crazy! September will be here before we know it! I am so exctied that we haven't found out what we're having. I cannot wait for the surprise of it, it's going to be so much fun!

Brian and I are good too. He is working hard and has been having a great time taking care of the yard and our vegetable garden. I've helped a little bit--I helped him pull up a ton of grass the other night and now the garden looks great! We had our first crop of two banana peppers, one of which was bad--but we still have one! And we have some little bitty tomatoes starting and some squash too! I can't wait to start seeing the veggies coming out! I get really really excited about it! I will definitely be putting pics of our crops on here when they arrive!

Jack and I are getting over bad colds and I'm looking forward to getting out again. We tend to quarentine ourselves--no church, no playing outside, no errands--when we're sick, so I haven't been out at all in the past week. It's a good thing my son and husband are so entertaining, otherwise I'd be coo-coo by now! :) We may go play outside this afternoon depending on how Jack is feeling. Yeah!

Other than that we don't have a lot going on. We're taking it pretty easy this month b/c next month we're planning on doing a bunch of travelling. We want to get in some visits and stuff before I can't travel in mid-August. So that's what going on in our neck of the woods--what's going on where you are?