September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ali Grace!!!

Ali Grace turns TWO today!!! Can you believe it???

Our Ali Grace.

We love this little girl so so much! She is our wild and adventurous girl. Our "let's go here" and "let's try this" girl. She's our "let's cuddle for hours" girl and two seconds later our "let me go explore" girl. She's all girl.

She has huge inquisitive, expressive, draw you in, beautiful, sweet blue eyes that she uses to let you know what she thinks and how she's feeling without restraint. In fact, she is totally without restraint in all that she does. She is determined and persistent whether she's trying her hardest to get into something she's not supposed to touch, or she's hugging and kissing on you.

And as she's getting into everything all at once, she somehow manages to fall down 10 times more than anyone else one earth! We named her Grace, and yet she did not get much grace at all. She is not dainty! HA HA! Instead she lumbers and bounces around. I think she's going to be a tomboy.

She enchants everyone that meets her. She has magical hugs and kisses and smiles that light up everyone around her.

We love love love love love her!

Happy birthday our Ali Grace!

August 16, 2010

This and That

Lots and Lots of pictures...sorry, I'm not too good at editing. :) Enjoy.

August 11, 2010

The Perfect Summer Afternoon

The kids had a great afternoon today! Nana took Jack and Ali Grace out in the backyard for a Frosty (from Wendy's) picnic that led to playing in the sprinkler, which then led to a fun picnic on a blanket in the yard. (Kate joined in the picnic and had some fun talking to Nana, then she conked out.) Could a kid ask for anything more?

August 10, 2010

Long Time, No Post

It's been a while since I've had the time/desire to get on and post. As most of you know things around here have been pretty crazy! Yet we have been so incredibly blessed in all the craziness! Brian started a new and fabulous job June first and since then he has been living in Starkville while the kids and I live in Madison with my parents all the while waiting for our house in Arkansas to sell. So it's been hectic to say the least! Brian is now working for the Catch-A-Dream Foundation on campus at MSU and loves it! He plans all of the details of hunting and fishing trips given to terminally ill children and their families all over the country. To say that the job is rewarding and fun and encouraging and challenging would be an understatement! It is all of those things and more and I am so proud and happy for him! And incredibly grateful to OUR LORD for putting this all together for us! Because He sooooo did! A year ago we were praying for a way back to Mississippi and never ever thought we'd be here today! the midst of all of this we're doing good and God is stretching us big time! Being apart is hard, especially for Brian who misses the kids sooo much! But we've been able to take a step back from the day-to-day together and really look at some things we want to do/change/improve in our family life when we are all under the same roof again! And that has been such a blessing! Also, I was able to do a Bible study with my Mom and a group of women here that was sooo great and encouraging--it was a Deeper Still study with Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shierer, and Beth Moore--if you have a chance to do one go for it! It showed me where I've let myself get in my spiritual life, and what I need to do more than anything--get into God's WORD!!! Plus we've been exceptionally blessed by some of our dear friends and family who have given us advice, a place to stay free, fellowship, help, and much needed prayers during this time! You know who you are and we are soooo incredibly thankful and grateful and touched by your love for us!'s what's been going on with the kids....

Improptu haircuts.

Doesn't he look different? It took a while to get used to it! :)

Fun on the Coast for the Fourth of July!

Spending time with family. Ali Grace is Papa's girl! He will do anything she wants and it is hilarious!

Sleeping. Sweet time with Daddy! :)

Playing ouside.

Mostly digging up Nana and Papa's front yard. haha

Cleaning? while rocking the baby???? She's creative!

And of course being super duper cute!!!!!

The kids have been having tons of fun staying at Nana and Papa's house!

Ali Grace had made things challenging at times though---the girl gets into EVERYTHING! So far she has gotten into and eaten some of my Mom's prescriptions (we called poison control and everything was fine), been elbow deep playing in the toilet, poured rubbing alcohol over her head and face (yes in her eyes too--called poison control again and took her to the doctor and everything was fine after some eyedrops), put play-doh up her nose, and came to me with both hands filthy after putting them in her dirty diaper. FUN TIMES! Thank the Lord she's tough! She's also absolutely hilarious--and she knows it! The girl has a personality the size of Texas! She's starting to really love playing with her dolls and she imitates all of the things I do with Kate. She puts them in the baby rocker, the swing, on the floor mat. It's so sweet until she starts swinging them around or throwing and hitting them--those she's not imitating! :)

Jack is FINALLY potty-trained! After trying and trying and trying to get him to tell us before he had to go I just declared it Potty Boot Camp Week and he had no diapers unless it was nap or bed time. We had a few accidents and he's still getting the hang of it, but he is doing grrrreat! I'm even considering going with no diapers at night now which is wonderful! He's obsessed with watching shows like Monster Fish, River Monsters, and Whale Wars--Brian and my Dad's influence there. And he likes to "go spick-sploring" (exploring) and "go help someone in trouble" and "go on adventures." His favorite toys right now are a flashlight, stick, and caribeener.

Kate is getting so big! She's filling out and getting those Chisholm cheeks that both Jack and Ali had. She talks and cooes and squeals all the time. And she rolled over twice for the first time today!!!! We don't think she has reflux anymore--if she ever did--because we haven't given her any medicine in about a week and a half and she's fine! YEAH! But now she's teething so that's tough on our sweet girl! We're about to start putting her in a pack and play to sleep, she's been sleeping in a swing for about 2 1/2 months and loves it. And we're looking into getting some physical therapy for her soon--she has a condition called torticullis that means that she holds her head in one position all the time and the muscles on one side of her neck aren't stretching and developing as they should. We've been doing excersises with her and not seeing much improvement, plus she screams through them every time which is sooo hard to deal with! She's such a sweet heart! She smiles and laughs at you when you talk to her. I love getting her out of her swing when she wakes up, she's so happy and smiley and warm and cuddly! We love our Baby Kate as J and A call her!

We're hoping for an offer or two on our house, and we've found a lead on a possible house in Starkville, so hopefully our family will all be together again soon! God has been so good through this whole process and it's so amazing to look back and see how He has worked! We are truly blessed!

May 5, 2010

Baby Kate

Here are some more pictures of our sweet little Kate. We're all home now, and doing well. She's been nursing and sleeping great! Last night, our first night home, was pretty rough though. Kate wouldn't sleep unless we held her, Ali Grace woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, and Jack woke up several times. But we made it through and we're hoping tonight will be better.

Jack and Ali Grace are funny about Kate. Jack wants to touch her and see what she's doing all the time. Ali Grace just watches her and says "bobby" "bobby" over and over. She usually won't say Kate, she just calls her "bobby"--that's how she says baby! So funny!

My Mom and Dad are here for the week to help and they have been invaluable! I never realized how big and fast and loud and all over the place Jack and Ali are!!!! Of course I am comparing them to Kate now. She is so sweet and calm! Maybe she'll be our calm and quiet child.