September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ali Grace!!!

Ali Grace turns TWO today!!! Can you believe it???

Our Ali Grace.

We love this little girl so so much! She is our wild and adventurous girl. Our "let's go here" and "let's try this" girl. She's our "let's cuddle for hours" girl and two seconds later our "let me go explore" girl. She's all girl.

She has huge inquisitive, expressive, draw you in, beautiful, sweet blue eyes that she uses to let you know what she thinks and how she's feeling without restraint. In fact, she is totally without restraint in all that she does. She is determined and persistent whether she's trying her hardest to get into something she's not supposed to touch, or she's hugging and kissing on you.

And as she's getting into everything all at once, she somehow manages to fall down 10 times more than anyone else one earth! We named her Grace, and yet she did not get much grace at all. She is not dainty! HA HA! Instead she lumbers and bounces around. I think she's going to be a tomboy.

She enchants everyone that meets her. She has magical hugs and kisses and smiles that light up everyone around her.

We love love love love love her!

Happy birthday our Ali Grace!