March 19, 2008

Big Mess = Big Fun

Why do we even buy him toys? :)

Introducing: Our New Headboard!!!

Concept, design, construction, and installation by none other than the extremely talented.....BRIAN CHISHOLM!!!!

HAHAHA, I'm a big dork. But my husband is amazing and so talented in building things! We've had the headboard up for a while, but I finally got around to properly making the bed and taking a couple pictures.

Movie Review

Since many of my blogging friends have been reviewing movies of late, I thought
I'd get in on it as well.

My sister-in-law, Amanda, and I watched "Across the Universe" this past weekend and were both pleasantly surprised by it. I know it's been out for a while, and many of you may have already seen it, but if you haven't, I recommend it. It is definitely different, abstract and artsy; and some parts are down right weird and, in my opinion, could have been left out; but in all I liked it and have thought back on parts of it several times over the last few days. The entire soundtrack is Beatles songs which is never a bad thing, and I've been humming a few of them to myself ever since I watched, again, never a bad thing. So, watch it, and let me know what you think.

March 17, 2008

Going Home

This is my 100th post! How exciting!
Anyway...We went home this weekend to Starkville and it was such a great trip, and we just loved being there so much that we didn't want to leave! Literally. It is so sad to realize that when we lived in Starkville we completely did not appreciate it. But we do now! {I know it sounds like I'm bashing Rison, but I'm really not. The two places are soooo different, and each is great in its own way. We like Rison, we like where we are and what we're doing. We've just come to realize that we love Starkville.}

So...we got to see lots of friends and familiar places that have so many memories for us and it was great! Thursday night we went to Mi Hacienda to eat with all of the Chapel folks (Gardners, Chessers, and Thompsons) and Butch and Susan Simmons. They hadn't seen Jack since he was 3 months old, so they really loved seeing how much he has changed. Then that night we stayed at Kane and Katey's house and had a good time chatting with them late into the night.

Friday Brian, Kane and all of they guys met up to start their guys weekend, Katey and Camp went to Jackson, and Jack and I headed to Amanda's (Brian's sister) apartment where we stayed the rest of the weekend.

It was a BLAST staying with her! Not only did she cook us yummy food and help tremendously with Jack, but Jack fell in love with her all over again and they had so much fun playing together! He even learned a few new tricks--like hitting 2 blocks together to make a noise, and playing with water bottles. Saturday we went to Bulldog Deli which I had been CRAVING like crazy and visited campus which looks amazing! The Union and McCool are incredible!

And then Suday Brian and I went to lunch at City Bagel YUMMMMMMMM! It was a great weekend, great weather, great people--we really wanted to have all of our stuff sent to us and just stay. Maybe one day we'll live in Starkvegas again. Only in God's will and in His timing. But now we're loving little Rison and all of it's charms!

March 8, 2008

Congratulations to Christian!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Christian Siriano won Project Runway! I am so excited! I even stayed up and watched the show Wednesday night to see who would win--and I was not disappointed, though I really thought that Rami had it at one point. Anyway, Congrats to him! He's super crazy, super cocky, and super super talented, he deserved to win!For those of you that don't know: This is Tim Gunn, host, and the final three on PR--Jillian, Rami, and Christian. I loved them all, but I really wanted Christian to win.

March 7, 2008

More Jack Pictures

My favorite thing EVER is getting Jack out of his crib after he wakes up! He is precious!!!!
Jack loves to push things. It sounds weird, but he pushes everything that isn't nailed down, like this box. Silly boy!
Jack got a few early birthday presents from our friends this past weekend. Hayden gave him this cute piggy bank that Jack plays with constantly now. He loves opening and closing the front and getting the coins out.
Crystal gave him these cute pj's! She said they were "so boring" but before I put them on him he played with them forever. Go figure, he has tons of toys and he loves playing with boxes, clothes, and paper. :)
The Overstreets gave him this cool gear board that plays music, lights up, and turns. He loves taking the gears off and putting them back on, which he's getting better and better at. So smart!After spilling something on his pj shirt Brian changed him (like you couldn't tell) Poor little guy!

Snow Day!!!

It reeeeeeallllllly snowed today!!!! It was beeautiful and so much fun. I kept on forgetting about
the snow, but then I'd look out the window and be blown away again by how awesome it looked.
By about 5:00 this afternoon it had snowed 7 inches! We didn't got out in it much because it was soooo cold, but we did take a couple pictures.

Is this really the South??? 7 INCHES!!!

My handsome men. Jack really liked the snow!

"Look Mommy! It's snowing!"
Our friends the Fores and the Morrisons stopped by this afternoon to enjoy the snow with us.
Here's Lucy and her "husband" Boss frolicing in the snow.
Our little snow village.
This is the main intersection in Rison--yup, we don't even have a stop light, just a 3-way stop.
Main Street.Our church. So pretty!

The front-loaders at the pole plant. Brian let all the guys off early this afternoon because of the snow, so we got a longer-than-usual weekend. YAY SNOW!

Me and My Man

1. who is your man? brian
2. how long have you been together? about 3 1/2 years
3. how long did you date? 9 months
4. how old is your man? the big 3-0
5. who eats more? he does--sometimes :)
6. who is taller? brian
7. who sings better? he does definitely--i love hearing him sing along to George Strait
8. who is smarter? prob. him
9. whose temper is worse? mine
10. who does the laundry? me
11. who takes out the garbage? brian
12. who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
13. who pays the bills? brian
14. who is better with the computer? me
15. who mows the lawn? brian, I tried to mow a tiny part of the lawn once and was exhausted!
16. who cooks dinner? me
17. who drives when you are together? brian
18. who pays when you go out? brian
19. who is more stubborn? me
20. who is the first to admit when they're wrong? brian--i hold grudges BAD! :(
21. whose parents do you see most often? we try to see each side about the same amount b/c they're both out of town
22. who kissed who first? brian kissed me
23. who asked who out? brian asked me to go to lunch at Bulldog Deli
24. who proposed? brian proposed to me at his house in Starkville on a random Thursday
25. who is more sensitive? me
26. who has more friends? prob. brian
27. who has more siblings? me, I have 1 sister and 1 brother--brian has 1 sister

I tag mary Evelyn.

Fun Weekend with Great Friends!

This past weekend our good friends Kane, Katey, Camp, Hayden, and Crystal came to see us! It was so much fun and so encouraging to spend some time with them. They arrived Friday and immediately Camp and Jack started playing with the mountain of toys in our living room. They were so sweet together! Jack idolized Camp and followed him around everywhere! And Camp was so great with Jack, he shared and played and was so sweet to him!
Sadly, I was very negligent with the picture taking, and these are the only ones I got :(. I'm gonna need copies of yours Katey!
Once the little ones went to bed us "grown ups" stayed up waaaaaaaay past our normal bedtime talking and laughing. Having such great, encouraging, not to mention EXTREMELY FUN friends is such a blessing and we had so much fun having them here! Thanks guys for coming to see us! We can't wait to see you again!

March 5, 2008

Crazy Weather!!!

So this weekend the temperarture was in the high sixties, beautiful, clear weather. Then Monday it was cold and rainy all day, and yesterday (Tuesday) it SNOWED!!! It was awesome! It was beautiful! It only snowed for about thirty minutes, but Jack and I bundled up and went out to enjoy it. Jack didn't really know what to think. He kept blinking as the snowflakes fell on his face, but I think he had fun. After snowing pretty hard for a little while the sun came out and then it turned to rain, so that an hour later you coulldn't even tell that it had snowed. CRAZY weather! But oooohhh it was exciting to have snow for a little bit. And Jack got to experience it for the first time.