October 20, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Instead of pictures, I thought I'd share some funny quotes from Jack. He's full of hilarious lines these days!

After seeing a deer eating grass on the side of the road: "Wooooow! I want to shoot it!"
--That's Brian's boy alright.

When Ali Grace had her one-year check up and was going to get shots I explained to him what was giong to happen. A couple minutes later he says, "Da nurse going to come in and shoot Ali Gace."

When we were at my parents a few weeks ago my Mom observed this scene-- The baby he was playing with was bad so he turned her over, spanked her and then hugged her, told her he loved her, and quoted 'his verse' to her (exactly the way he says it): "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, this for right. Ephesians 6:1." This is how we discipline, and I think he's gotten it down pretty good. Sweet boy.

On the way out of town in the car Ali was crying so Jack started singing the "sleepy song" as I've named it (It's the "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep my sweet baby" song): He's sweetly looking at Ali Grace and singing, "La la la, la la laaaa..." My heart burst! He'll also rub a baby doll's back and sing this. Ali has started doing this too but her singing is more like grunting. This is how we put them to bed--rubbing their back and singing for just a minute. I think they like it.

Yesterday morning--"I'm a tiger! ROOOOAR!!!! Tigers eat grapes and get big and strong like Papa!"

This morning when Ali and I went in his room to get him out of bed-- "ROOOOAR!!! I'm a tiger! MOOOOO!!! HOO HOO HOO! Gobble Gobble! I'm a turkey!"

He loooooooves to "go shooting" around the house and when asked what he's shooting he says, "Lots of animals."--I think he's going to be a hunter.

For months and months whenever we asked him what he dreamed about he would say, "The water and the rain." After going to a Rison football game his response is now, "The water and the rain, and the football players."

Every once-in-a-while I talk to the kids about the baby in Mommy's belly and let them touch my belly and look at it. And I'll ask Jack what he thinks the baby will be--a baby girl, or a baby boy. His only response to this and any other questions about it is, "Name him Bo-wen." I think he's saying Bodin which is the name we're thinking of if it's a boy. I guess he's heard us talking about it a good bit. And he's adamant!!! So he must think we're having a boy. :) If it's a girl we're thinking Katherine Elizabeth and call her Kate. We're all about the nicknames!

Also at my parent's house a few weeks ago my Mom and Dad had Jack and Ali Grace sitting on the kitchen counter watching Papa make breakfast. My Mom was laughing saying that one day there would be a bunch of kids all lined up on the counter watching. Then she said we'd have Bo sitting there, or Katherine. And Jack very seriously said, "No Katherine, don't want Katherine, Katherine is UCKY!!!" (yucky)

There are SOOOO many more funny little things that Jack says, most I can't think of right now. Suffice it to say that the boy keeps us laughing with his wit and wisdom. And we looooove him!

October 15, 2009

Computer Troubles :(

Sorry there haven't been any posts lately...I actually have a ton of pictures to put up--of the kids playing and of Ali's birthday party. But...our computers are MESSED UP! Our laptop won't come on. I think it died, it's been threatening to for a while. And our laptop has ZERO disk space, even though we've cleaned it out several times, so no pics can be uploaded at all. :( SAD! Hopefully we'll get a new computer for Christmas! It would be incredible!!!!

September 10, 2009

Ali Grace is ONE year old!!!

Jack and I sang Happy Birthday to Ali when she woke up. Jack's version is "Hasty Birstay" over and over , and it's adorable!
The Birthday Girl!

One of the many phone calls from loving family, wishing Ali a happy birthday!

Her flower cake! And we got to use our family plate for the first time!

She liked her cake a lot!


If there's one thing this girl can do, it's make a mess!!!! I had to give her a bath when she was done eating.

This adorable boy liked the cake a lot too. He kept saying "birstday cake for meee!"

He had to have a bath too. He loves putting food in his hair lately--yesterday it was ketchup, today cake and icing. :)

Happy Birthday Ali Grace!!!

One year ago today, at 10:28 a.m. our sweet little girl was born . And today she will be one whole year old! We are so very blessed by our Ali Grace and all of her funniness and silliness and sweetness! We love her more than words can express!
Praise the Lord for Our Ali Grace!

Pictures of today to come later.

September 2, 2009

TV is Back

BUT IT IS ON PROBATION! As the TV Nazi, I can't just let everyone watch whatever, whenever, what kind of a Nazi would that make me? :)

Really though, we are allowed to watch TV again. But we've learned so much by not watching it for a month that we don't want to let it take over again! We learned things like: that it IS possible to entertain our kids without the TV, and that we get so much more done with it off, and the house is so much more peaceful without it, and that limiting our TV viewing really does help us with thoughts and clutter in our heads, and leaves more room for the right things.

I'd say the biggest lesson we learned is that taking out TV has left room for the good and right things in all areas of life. Dinner at the table together, reading to the kids more, playing with the kids more, reading our Bibles more, talking more. So what we've decided to do with all of this knowledge is to severely limit TV from now on. I've decided that we won't turn it on AT ALL during the day until Friday--that will be our lazy/pajama/TV day (and that doesn't mean all day either). Also, we won't watch TV until the kids go to bed in the evenings, and honestly I have little desire to watch much then. It truly disturbs me at times--it just seems so loud, so disruptive, and so uncontrollable, you know? Anyway...that's what we've learned, and what we're planning on. I'm sure there will be times when we get back into that TV rut, but I hope that we'll have enough sense to back up and get back to where we need to be again.

September 1, 2009

Family Trips Part 3--The Fishing Camp

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Mississippi to spend the weekend with the Chisholms at the fishing camp. Brian and his Dad look forward to this time fishing all year--and so do the rest of us. We had so much fun relaxing, eating, talking, playing, and fishing. And to make this year even better Jack got to fish for the very first time! We were all sooo hoping that he would catch his first fish this year with Brian and Grandpa there. Grandpa was not there when Brian caught his first fish, so we really wanted him to be there for Jack's. So early Saturday morning Brian, Grandpa, and Jack got up and started fishing from the bank. I was still asleep, but Brian said Jack did very well!

And then HE CAUGHT HIS FIRST FISH!!!!!! Brian woke me up with the fish in my face and was smiling ear-to-ear! Our big boy is a great fisherman!A lot of time was spent just like this. Fishing Fishing Fishing. Brian and Grandpa took the boat out fishing a lot too.
Three Generations of Chisholm men--and fishermen.

Jack pretended to be out on the water. He loved playing in the boat. Grandmama, Ali Grace, and I spent most of our time eating, relaxing, and playing. I think Grandmama had fun getting some quality time with little Ali Grace and Jack too.

Saturday Aunt Amanda (Brian's sister) and Uncle Chris came for lunch and to play with the kids. They had a blast! Jack and Ali Grace loved seeing them! As you can see they love their aunt.

Addition and Multiplication




Baby Chisholm #3 who is on the way!
We found out Sunday that I am pregnant with our third child!!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet the little one!!! I'm only 2 or 3 weeks along and I haven't been to the doctor yet, but we think he or she will be due in May. We are terrible at keeping secrets, so we are already telling everyone! We are so blessed and humbled by God's incredible gift of children to
us! God is so good!
This reminds me of a quote I've heard a few times....A man who had several children was asked how he divided his love between all of them, and he answered back that when you have children, they multiply the love in your life, not divide it. And we know that to be so true! Praise the Lord for seeing fit to multiply our blessings!

August 28, 2009

Ali Grace Faces

This girl! Oh this girl! She is a charmer, a schemer, a sweetie, a fireball, and a dare devil all in one. And she's very very very expressive! I love it all!
Goofy girl!

I can't decide if this is a sweet smile, or a mischevious one...I think it's mischevious! She's gonna be the mastermind of all of the mischeif I just know it.

That's soooo funny Mommy!!! You're soooo funny all the time!!!

I mean....just look at her. When she gets in trouble, this is the face she gives us. And then we melt onto the floor, and then she gets away with everything. No, not really, but she does get us! This face is followed by a stuck out lip and a beet-red face and big crocidile tears. It's funny too--but I turn away to laugh--as a good mother should.

Funny Face!

Can you tell she just woke up? Was it what I call the "crazy hair" or the sleepy eyes, or the adorable rosy cheeks? I could eat her!

Who me?

Jack Faces

Jelly with toast for breakfast. Yummy! He could eat his weight in this and scrambled eggs! It's his favorite brekfast...well and sausage, and pancakes, and yogurt, and fruit, and cereal...I guess he likes it all really. :)
Graham crackers and milk for a snack. He loves "digging" as he calls it, his crackers in milk like Mommy and Daddy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! He is so precious! And he looks so big! We went to the fishing camp last weekend with the Chisholms, and our big boy slept in a real big boy bed all by himself for the first time. Well, a couple hours after he'd been asleep Brian looked in on him and Jack was in the center of the bed fast asleep with his little booty in the air! UH I wanted to grab him and hug him and kiss him and never let go! Sometimes he seems like such a big boy that I forget how little he still is. He's getting so big, but he's still our little boy!

Brian took these pictures of Jack playing by the water at the fishing camp. I'll be posting more pics of the trip once I get some of a BIG event that took place. :)

Talking. And using his hands when he talks. So funny!

This is one of his many sassy looks. The boy can cut those eyes! And it is hilarious! There are many many times when Brian and I are struggling to hold back laughter as we discipline him for his sassiness.

August 26, 2009


Yesterday I , for some insane reason, decided to give the kids their first bath together without Brian's help. I now know that I seriously undersetimated our children and their potential slipperiness, hyper-ness, and funniness. It was hilarious--and I got a couple cute pics!
Clothes off of two squirmy kids......check.Display of attitude by both kids......check.

Diapers off both kids.....well I got them off, but it was interesting. I was able to get Jack's off with no probems, and let him stand in the bathroom while I got AG's off. Well, he peed on the floor, so I put him in the hall and cleaned the floor really quick. Then he peed on the carpet. No biggie, moved him back to the bathroom and cleaned it up. Took AG's diaper off (hoping it wasn't dirty , b/c I didn't have wipes handy--and it wasn't dirty! YAH!) Stood her up next to Jack and got a few pictures of their super-precious booties!!!! : ) Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Put Jack in tub.....check.
Put AG in tub....well when I turned to pick her up something--uhh--well--happened...she pooped on the floor...........A LOT! Right there! I was shocked! And she was.....about to be stepping in it!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! So I finally cleaned her up and got her in the tub. After that everything went pretty well. And lots of splashing, squealing, trying to stand up in the tub, and water all over everything later they were clean and even though it was only 6:30 they went to bed--because Mommy was DONE!!!! hahahahaha.

Just look at those innocent faces! :)

Another couple fun things happened yesterday too--Jack poured rice all over the laptop's keyboard, and some of it got under the keys and has made it a little challenging to type. And when we got home from LR, in my distracted haste to unload kids and pottery and groceries I actually locked Jack inside the house alone along with my purse, keys, and cell phone. He was only in there about 15 minutes and sat by the front window the whole time watching as I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. Our kind neighbor got me in with his credit card (that's comforting) and we all laughed at my mommy-brain-ness! So that was our yesterday....what wi happen today I wonder???? :)