April 30, 2008

New Blog Layout Finally!

I finally worked on the blog and came up with a combination that I like. I hope ya'll like it too. I had to pull out my extremely rusty Photoshop skills to do the banner, which was not very complicated, but still took me a while. So, anyway, I feel better, and hopefully this layout won't make anyone's eyes hurt!

April 26, 2008

Please Help!!!!

So, obviously I changed our blog and now it is generic and boring and looks kinda like a kindergarten writing practice page, and so (also obviously) I need help! I want to have a cute, fun, bright blog, and so many of you out there have just that and I covet! So, any tips, sites, opinions would be sooo appreciated! PaaaaaaaaaLeeeese!

Thanks in advance, b/c I know ya'll will come up with some great stuff!

April 22, 2008

Jack's Birthday Party!

Jack's BIG present was a swing set from both sets of grandparents and Elizabeth. Brian, his dad, and my dad put it together Saturday afternoon. It took them 5 hours! It looks great though!We've already played on it a lot! He really likes it! (P.S.: If you look at my belly you can see the baby bump--the angle makes it look smaller than it actually is, or maybe it's just me)

We're getting a toddler swing soon and I can't wait to see Jack's face when he swings!

Our big birthday boy!

My parents got him this MSU hat and I think he's the cutest thing in the world in it!!!
Brian's parents got him this cute little chair! It's just his size and is going to be
awesome and well used!

It may look like he's digging in, but he was MAAAAD for some reason. Silly boy!

The Fores gave Jack this "truck" as he calls it. He loves it!

This weekend the Jack's Grandpa and Grandmamma Chisholm, Papa and Nana Bodin, and Aunt Elizabeth all came in town to celebrate Jack's first birthday! The party was Saturday and we had a blast! Our great friends the Fores came too and we all ate yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, and chips. Then Jack opened all of his presents, and then came the cake! Jack was hilarious! He WOULD NOT eat the little cupcake that we made for him, and he got really really upset, so we finally got him down and cleaned him up. Then we cut the big cake and he stole half of Elizabeth's cake and didn't want to stop eating it. We cracked up!

The weekend and the party were so perfect! Everyone had a great time, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and Jack was in rare form! He was a ham the whole time! He ate up all of the attention. A few times I had to laugh to myself because we found ourselves, 7 grown adults, sitting around the living room, or the kitchen, or the backyard (wherever Jack was) totally focused on and engrossed in watching Jack do every little thing. It was great! I think Jack had fun, and I know that everybody else did. I just wish they could've stayed longer!

April 14, 2008

"Jack" of all Trades

Chillin' out with Daddy. Look at those precious chubby legs!!!
Jack is imitating Mommy and cooking us dinner. He has been obsessed with his pots and spatulas ever since I gave them to him in a moment of desperation as I was trying to pry him off of my legs so I could cook. :)
Here he is showing my what he's cooking up. He's very serious about his cooking.
Now he's being like Daddy by tinkering with his rocking chair. He had it up-side-down and was standing in the middle of it shaking it and examining it. I think he was testing the durability of it. Just like Daddy! :) Again, he's very serious about his task. So funny!
P.S.: I love him in this outfit, he looks like a little boy! What happened to my tiny baby?

April 11, 2008

Tag I'm It!

So, most people hate these tag things, but I secretly really like them. hahaha. I'm a dork.

Crystal tagged me, so....

What was I doing ten years ago?
Wishing for a car and being very disappointed on my 16th b-day when my parents didn't surprise me with one; dating some loser, just sure that he was "the one" (UGH!); surviving some major drama with my friends; sneaking into less-than-upstanding-establishments and hiding when they started asking for ID's; trying to avoid getting grounded; and releasing my teenage angst by singing along with Melissa Etheridge at the top of my voice!

Five things on my to-do list today:
2.Do dishes that I didn't do last night
3.Play with my sweet Jack
4.Take a shower at some point (who knows when that will be)
5.Make some yummy sausage, peppers, and onion sandwiches for supper

Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
1.Give a TON away anonymously
2.Pay off our debt and the debt of our family
3.Save for our kids
4.Move back to Starkville and build a house
5.Take our family on a cool trip for a month or so

Five bad habits:
1.I don't wash my makeup off at night
2.I eat way too much a lot of the time
3.I'm moody (esp.now)
4.Holding on to things and not giving them over to God
5.Forgetting our checkbook balance the absolute second that I close my wallet, even though I just balanced it (this drives Brian crazy!)

Five places I've lived:
1.Biloxi, MS
2.Madison, MS
3.Raymond, MS
4.Starkville, MS
5.Rison, AR

Five jobs I've had:
1.Video store clerk
2.Salesperson at a kiosk in the mall
3.Salesperson at Old navy/Gap/Banana Rep. Outlets :(
4.Secretary/Gopher at a design firm
5.Stay at home Mommy :)

April 8, 2008

2 Happy Years!!!!

Brian and I have been married for two happy, fun-filled years today! It's amazing that it's already been that long, and that it's been that short of a time too! I thank God every day for his blessing of such a wonderful, understanding, loving husband and incredible dad for Jack! We are so incredibly blessed!
To add to his wonderfulness, Brian surprised me with a weekend getaway to Hot Springs for the two of us. My parents came over for the weekend to keep Jack and we spent our first night away from him, which ended up being a little hard, but not too bad. ( I did call a few times to check on him.) We had so much fun walking around HS, shopping, eating, and being together! Brian had even set up a massage for us Saturday night! He did so good! We had a great time and felt refreshed when we got home Sunday! Thank you baby!
Happy 2nd Anniversary Brian!
I love you and look forward to many many many more years to come!

April 6, 2008

Birthday Pictures Finally!

Ok, so Jack turned ONE two whole weeks ago and it has taken me this long to finally get some pictures up. Sorry. We've been crazy busy and our computer has been crazy slow...so....

We had a great time on Jack's birthday. I made a cake and Brian and I decorated it to look like a baseball. We woke Jack up singing "Happy Birthday" to him and then opened his present from us--a shiny new Radio Flyer wagon, which he loves! Then we went to our church for an Easter Carnival where Jack ate his first cupcake, played with (basically squeezed and pulled at) cute little rabbits, and had his first Easter egg hunt. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and it wasn't until the next day that we did his B-day cake. He didn't dig in like I thought he would, but he got a fair amount of icing on him and his clothes and he liked it! I think he had fun. We loved watching him and playing with his new wagon. It was very low key, but in a couple of weeks all four grandparents and both aunts will be here for his birthday party! I can't wait and I know they all can't wait to see us (Jack).