April 14, 2008

"Jack" of all Trades

Chillin' out with Daddy. Look at those precious chubby legs!!!
Jack is imitating Mommy and cooking us dinner. He has been obsessed with his pots and spatulas ever since I gave them to him in a moment of desperation as I was trying to pry him off of my legs so I could cook. :)
Here he is showing my what he's cooking up. He's very serious about his cooking.
Now he's being like Daddy by tinkering with his rocking chair. He had it up-side-down and was standing in the middle of it shaking it and examining it. I think he was testing the durability of it. Just like Daddy! :) Again, he's very serious about his task. So funny!
P.S.: I love him in this outfit, he looks like a little boy! What happened to my tiny baby?

1 comment:

Crystal Garcia said...

he'll be driving you around town in no time! precious boy. I want to kiss his chubby face!