May 29, 2008

I AM funny, I really AM!

Funiness is highly valued in my family, both immediate and extended, as it is in most of my circles of friends. Is this a universally valued personality trait? Or is it just us? Personally, I think it's pretty widespread, what with the comedies on TV, the "I'm looking for a man with a sense of humor" comments, the stand-up comedians, etc... And that's OK, but what about those of us that are comically-challenged? Where do we fit in?

Now, I think that I am a very funny/witty/clever person, but I have been informed by my husband that I am "SOMETIMES funny"--emphasis on the sometimes. This is a long-standing joke with us, but it has truth at it's root. Brian claims (in a not-so-exact way as I'm about to put it) that there are several signs that someone is a "SOMETIMES funny" person. They include:
#1: You can name several very specific times that you were funny in detail, and you thrive off of these glowing moments of laughter, #2: You tend to laugh more at your own jokes than other people do, #3: You insist that you are "ALWAYS funny"--emphasis on the always, and most obvious, #4: You write a post like this on blogger.

I must admit, I do fit into every single one of the above criteria, so here I am stuck in this "SOMETIMES funny" pigeon-hole. I'm trying to accept it and move on, but sometimes its hard. I do not resent my husband for his funiness--because he is very funny/witty/clever, and comes up with things that I could never, ever produce. Plus he's cute, and he keeps me laughing ALWAYS! However, I have come to HATE the word "SOMETIMES"!!!!!

5 Things Quiz

Kim and Crystal both tagged me, so I'm reluctantly and begrudgingly doing this silly quiz.
(Not really, I actually like this sort of stuff.) :)

5 things under $5 I couldn't live without:
a legal pad {for all of my lists}
toilet paper {for the obvious reasons and to entertain Jack}
ponytail holders

5 fave movies:
Sense and Sensibilty
Pride and Predjudice
Harry Potter Series
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Notting Hill

5 baby names I love:
Jack, of course
Ali Grace
Anna or Anne

5 songs I could listen to over and over:
Baby I love your way
?????? Sadly, I CANNOT think of any more! I'm not that into music, so.... please forgive me.

5 people who have influenced me in a positive way:
(in chronological order, not order of importance--Brian)
The Phillips family

5 things that are always in my purse:
assorted scraps of paper with lists on them--groceries, to do's, projects....
several pens
loose change

5 moments that have changed my life forever:
getting saved
meeting real friends at State: Coop, Meg, Crystal, Amy, Katey
meeting/dating/marrying Brian
seeing the life of the Phillips family
having Jack
moving to Rison
(yes, that's 6, I'm making up for the music one)

5 obsessions I have right now: LOVE LOVE her
my friends' blogs--you people really should update like every day, if not more, you know like I do.....hahahahahahaha NOT! just kidding! but i do love reading all about what you're up to!
figuring out how to best teach Jack
making lists, as usual
Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC

5 places I would like to go:
Savannah, GA
Pioneer woman's ranch

5 appliances/kitchen tools I can't live without:
dishwasher--i do a load at least every other day
bleach wipes
rubber bands--might sound weird, but we use these to keep Jack out of the cabinets, they work great, are low cost, low tech, and not permanent

5 people who should do this too:
Holly Thompson
Meredith Horn
Ashley Norwood
Brandy Verwiel
Pioneer woman--I told you i am obsessed, but she doesn't count, b/c whe has no clue who little bitty tiny me is, SAD! :( :) But I still love her!

May 28, 2008

Trip to the LR Zoo

This weekend my parents, brotherMichael, and sister Elizabeth all came to Rison to see us! Saturday we went to the zoo for Jack's first time! I think he had a great time, and so did we. It was HOT HOT HOT, and humid, which it hasn't been much in AR, so we only stayed for a couple hours, but Jack got to see lots of fun stuff! Some of our favorites were the lions, tigers, giraffes, and monkeys. Jack liked the "big cats" as we called them a lot!

Sweaty Boy!

Brian showing Jack one of the animals. I think they're looking at the lions, which Jack loved!

Jack is fascinated!

Hey baby boy!

Here I am actin glike a spaz "pretending" to walk! By the end of the trip my walk had definitely turned into a waddle! haha

After the zoo we came home and Nana and Papa gave Jack a much needed bath. Then we let him run around naked for a while which he LOVES!!!! How cute is he!!!!!!!!!

May 24, 2008

Introducing Baby Chisholm!!!

Above picture is the baby's profile. You can see the forhead, nose, mouth, chin, chest and stomach. He/she was moving around like crazy!
This one is a little harder to see. It is the side of his/her head, the ear, and the baby's fist is balled up over his/her face. The baby kept on hiding it's face from us. But finally we got a couple good shots.
After wiggling around and hiding it's face, the baby finally showed us what he/she looks like. HOW CUTE!!! My mom thinks the baby has my pointy chin.
These were taken about 3 weeks ago, sorry it took so long to get them up. Our blog was messed up and my Mom figured out how to fix it, so now we can post pictures again.

Now I'm about 24 weeks and doing great! Baby Chisholm has been moving like crazy! I love it. Jack will sit on my lap and lean back on my belly and the baby will be kicking him in the back. It's so sweet!

May 19, 2008

I'm Still Here

My New Post page is still messed up, so I can't post any pictures. I've done the whole ask a question in a help group thing and no one answered, so....I'm denying that anything is wrong and just pushing my way through life as best as I can. :)

We had a Grrrrrreat weekend this weekend and I am recovering today. Thursday we drove to Starkville and spent the night with Kane and Katey and then Friday I drove to Birmingham to see my dear friend Crystal and spend the weekend with her. Brian and Jack stayed at K & K's with Kane and Camp and Hayden all weekend while I had a fun girls' weekend with Crystal!
We went to a party at the Birmingham Museum of Art Friday night where I saw many deep-v-neck-wearing men and lots of interesting sights. I got to meet a bunch of Crystal's girl friends and they were great, cute, and fun so we had a really good time. Saturday we went to the farmer's market and then to a Pet Festival where I saw more dogs than I have ever seen in my life! I also saw a few cats, parrots, and one big turtle! they had bands and food and lots of people. The only down side was that I got BAAAD sunburned. Crystal tried to tell me, but I was stubborn and now i have a funky burn line that looks like I have a white tank top on with pink-red sleeves and neck and I'm in a lot of pain! But it was really fun! I got to eat some super yummy food, and talk and laugh a ton with Crystal, and sleep late, and not have to change any diapers!!!! Yeah! But I really missed my two men!
Meanwhile they had a big time Saturday at Kane's parents' house. Jack got to see and pet and sit on a horse and see some dogs which he loves. Plus he got to hang out with Camp all weekend who is super cool of course! And Brian got lots of guys time, so they had a good time too. Now we're back home in Rison resting and recovering from all the fun!

May 12, 2008

What is going on with Blogger?

So, I've been trying to post pics of Baby Chisholm's sonogram picture from last week for about 5 days, and every time I come to create a new post the tool bar with the text/picture/video buttons isn't here. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, do you know what to do about it? Any suggestions would be great, I'm getting really tired of checking this 2 or 3 times a day! I'm going through blog-posting withdrawl! Plus the sonogram pics are incredible and I want to show them off! :)

May 3, 2008


In the last few weeks Jack has been changing so much! I can really tell that he's absorbing and picking things up.
He is constantly pointing to things and saying, "Dat!" a.k.a. "what is that?" so I'm constantly identifying everything from the toaster to grass to dirty diapers to dogs, which is fun and keeps me on my toes.
He's walking more and more which is the cutest thing in the entire world EVER! The way he toddles and tiptoes is my favorite thing! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that yet, my camera never seems to be within reach when he's in the mood. And he only walks when HE wants to, so....
He can now say truck, juice, hey, and can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese :) at least that what it sounds like to me :).
He loves climbing into things as you will see in the pictures, and he's getting very good at climbing onto our ottoman too. I went into the kitchen for a minute the other day and when I looked back he was sitting on the ottoman with the remote in his hands as happy as could be! And when he saw that he was caught he held the remote out to me like, "hey, I was just giving it to you!" he does that now when he gets caught with things he's not supposed to have.
All in all he is absolutely hilarious! He keeps me and Brian laughing all the time and we pretty much love him to pieces!

Jack LOVES playing with his spoons! He will carry them around all day banging, stirring, and playing! I love it!
His cabinet. Doesn't he look like a big boy! :) :( :)
Two spoons are better than one. Especially on the road.
Boxes, spoons--these are what he plays with--again I ask, why do we buy him toys?
I like it when he sits like this in this box. He looks like he's in a soap box car. And yes, he's holding a mini-bottle of baby shampoo. He likes carrying them around too. He twists the top like he's opening it, but don't worry, I watch him like a hawk when he has one. :)

Mower Fever

mower fever, def: n. A state of mild hysteria and fanaticism concerning the research, selection, acquisition, use, and maintenence of a lawn mower. May cause long bouts of daydreaming and preoccupation, an attachment to one's computer and the internet, and a very very strong attraction to home improvement stores and lawn mower dealerships. May effect any age, and is strangely prevalent in males, while almost completely absent in females.

There is a SEVERE breakout of mower fever at my house! Be warned!
Brian has been researching, dreaming about, obsessing over, eating, drinking, and breathing lawn mowers for at least a month and he finally purchased one--THE ONE--Friday! We are now the proud parents of a brand-spankin'-new Husqvarna Lawn Tractor, beautiful orange and shiny, and the pride and joy of both Brian and Jack. I like it too, but come on, it's a lawn mower--although the color is pretty! :)
Straight off the showroom floor!
Later that day Brian and Jack took the mower on it's inaugural ride around the front yard. No mowing yet because it had rained A LOT earlier.
Brian was very concerned that he wouldn't be able to mow this weekend due to the heavy heavy rain we got Friday. But alas, the sun came out and the ground dried, and he went to it!
And here is our real pride and joy, Jack, watching Daddy mow the yard. He stayed at the window the entire time Brian mowed the front yard. If the mower was out of his line of vision he would start fussing, but as soon as it came back around he was trasfixed! Amazing how the disease takes root at such a young age! :)

May 1, 2008

There Will Be FOUR of Us!!!!!

Sadly, this is the first belly pic we've taken! The second pregnancy is definitely different from
the first in many ways. But Baby Chisholm is doing really well, and is growing as you can see. I am much larger much sooner this time, which is fun and weird. :) I am almost 20 weeks along (that's half way) can you believe it! It has flown by and we are getting more and more excited! It's hard to believe that we'll be able to love another baby as much as we love Jack, but it's so amazing and exciting to know that we will! God is so good and gracious to give us so much love and so many blessings!
I have a doctor's appointment next week and will be getting a sonogram. But, no, we're not finding out if it's a girl or a boy. We want to be surprised! However, according to Jack he is going to have a brother. We asked him what he thought, and he clearly said "brother" which was amazing! So, I guess we're having a boy! :)
I can't wait to see our little one waving and kicking and being cute and perfect! We have picked out names though: if it's a girl it will definitely be Alison Grace and call her Ali Grace (we're not sure about the spelling yet) and if it's a boy it might be David Michael. I'll post some pics of our little one after our appointment.