May 3, 2008

Mower Fever

mower fever, def: n. A state of mild hysteria and fanaticism concerning the research, selection, acquisition, use, and maintenence of a lawn mower. May cause long bouts of daydreaming and preoccupation, an attachment to one's computer and the internet, and a very very strong attraction to home improvement stores and lawn mower dealerships. May effect any age, and is strangely prevalent in males, while almost completely absent in females.

There is a SEVERE breakout of mower fever at my house! Be warned!
Brian has been researching, dreaming about, obsessing over, eating, drinking, and breathing lawn mowers for at least a month and he finally purchased one--THE ONE--Friday! We are now the proud parents of a brand-spankin'-new Husqvarna Lawn Tractor, beautiful orange and shiny, and the pride and joy of both Brian and Jack. I like it too, but come on, it's a lawn mower--although the color is pretty! :)
Straight off the showroom floor!
Later that day Brian and Jack took the mower on it's inaugural ride around the front yard. No mowing yet because it had rained A LOT earlier.
Brian was very concerned that he wouldn't be able to mow this weekend due to the heavy heavy rain we got Friday. But alas, the sun came out and the ground dried, and he went to it!
And here is our real pride and joy, Jack, watching Daddy mow the yard. He stayed at the window the entire time Brian mowed the front yard. If the mower was out of his line of vision he would start fussing, but as soon as it came back around he was trasfixed! Amazing how the disease takes root at such a young age! :)

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