May 19, 2008

I'm Still Here

My New Post page is still messed up, so I can't post any pictures. I've done the whole ask a question in a help group thing and no one answered, so....I'm denying that anything is wrong and just pushing my way through life as best as I can. :)

We had a Grrrrrreat weekend this weekend and I am recovering today. Thursday we drove to Starkville and spent the night with Kane and Katey and then Friday I drove to Birmingham to see my dear friend Crystal and spend the weekend with her. Brian and Jack stayed at K & K's with Kane and Camp and Hayden all weekend while I had a fun girls' weekend with Crystal!
We went to a party at the Birmingham Museum of Art Friday night where I saw many deep-v-neck-wearing men and lots of interesting sights. I got to meet a bunch of Crystal's girl friends and they were great, cute, and fun so we had a really good time. Saturday we went to the farmer's market and then to a Pet Festival where I saw more dogs than I have ever seen in my life! I also saw a few cats, parrots, and one big turtle! they had bands and food and lots of people. The only down side was that I got BAAAD sunburned. Crystal tried to tell me, but I was stubborn and now i have a funky burn line that looks like I have a white tank top on with pink-red sleeves and neck and I'm in a lot of pain! But it was really fun! I got to eat some super yummy food, and talk and laugh a ton with Crystal, and sleep late, and not have to change any diapers!!!! Yeah! But I really missed my two men!
Meanwhile they had a big time Saturday at Kane's parents' house. Jack got to see and pet and sit on a horse and see some dogs which he loves. Plus he got to hang out with Camp all weekend who is super cool of course! And Brian got lots of guys time, so they had a good time too. Now we're back home in Rison resting and recovering from all the fun!

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