January 30, 2009

And he's such a boy!

Jack has such an imagination! Though we got him a play gun and play guitar for Christmas, he still uses his golf clubs to shoot or to jam out as the mood strikes him. I'm sure as he gets older, he'll play more with the "real" play things, but for now he's good with his golf clubs. There are a few presents that have been BIG hits though:

Jack loves his tools, but he reeeeally LOVES his flashlight. Here he's demonstrating how to turn it on.

Brian's aunt and uncle gave him a bunch of Hot Wheels and he plays with them constantly! This window sill in our living room has always been a favorite spot of his, and now he loves to line his cars up on it, drive them on it, and crash them together. He usually has about 20 of them lined up.

Brian's parents gave him this desk and stool and he loves sitting at it to draw. Every night I move it into his room, just to clean up the living room, and every morning he wants it back out again.

He looks like a little boy now. :) :(

Such a girl already!

This girl likes to move! She will get focused on something and want it sooo bad--you can just see the determination in her face and her whole body. She likes rolling on the floor, but only for a certain amount of time, then she's DONE and it's on to something else--and she'll let you know when she's done too. :) She's such a girl already!

She likes chewing on her glow-worm's face, and listening to it play music.

This curly-cue thing is her favorite! She will roll all the way across the room to get to it! I love watching her try to reach it, she looks like a cat pawing at a toy.

Another of her favorites is a tower of rings that lights up and plays music, she really knocks it around!

These pictures are of Ali's first encounters with rice cereal. She did not love it. The faces she made were priceless! She did Ok even though most of the cereal came right back out of her mouth. As you can see the girl is not malnourished. She loves to eat!
Those cheeks!

She prefers her chubby fingers.

We put her in the excersaucer for the first time today, and she was pretty happy in it. Again, once she was done, she was DONE.

Trying to get those fingers again.

No, my baby girl does not have a mohawk, she just has really fuzzy hair and apparently this is how it shows up in pictures now. :)

January 24, 2009

A Chisholm Wedding

Last weekend Brian's sister, Amanda got married in Gulfport. She married her high school sweetheart Chris! They dated for NINE years!!!!! It was a beautiful wedding and a really fun reception. Amanda was the most gorgeous bride I've ever seen! Her dress was perfect, so was her hair and makeup. She just glowed the whole day. Chris was very handsome too. I think they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves. We had a great time being part of their day. Brian, Jack and I were all in the wedding--Jack was the ring bearer and he wore a tux just like Brian's. He was ADORABLE!!!!! And he did so well walking down the aisle with the flower girl. At the reception he danced like crazy! His favorite song was the chicken dance. We've done it a few times since we got home, and he's pretty good at it.

Ali Grace wore a dress that my aunt made for her that matches my dress and she was SO CUTE! She did great all day. She even danced a little with her Daddy.

These were the only pictures we were able to take, because it was a pretty crazy (though fun) day. I can't wait to see the professional pictures, and see all of us.

January 23, 2009

Our New Year

(Yes I realize that it's been 2009 for almost a month now.)
I always feel like I'm a few months behind, but lately I really am! We have been travelling all over and having a great time spending time with family. But all of the going going going has made me feel waaaay behind.
So now that we're at home for a while I'm starting lists of New Years tasks and goals and all that jazz.
Some kid-related ones are getting rid of Jack's pacifiers, and starting on potty training (both a little scary) and starting Ali Grace on rice cereal and putting her in her own room sometime soon. All big steps for us!
I also have tons of things I want to clean and organize and decorate, but the MAIN THING I want to do is use my time more wisely. I've been starting to brainstorm about how I can do this, and I have a few ideas, but I would love any suggestions from anyone! More on all this later, but for now, please pray that God would show me what HIS priorities for me are.Here are two priorities right here! Aren't they cute! Jack likes to lay down with Ali Grace and give her toys to play with. He uses these golf clubs as guns, he wanted to show Ali how to use them, so he gave her one to shoot with too. He's a sweetie.
I think Jack looks JUST like my Paw Paw in this picture! HAHA

And here's our little man fast asleep in his high chair. We laugh and laugh when he does this.
Also, we went to the doctor this week for Ali Grace's 4 month check-up and Jack tagged along b/c he had a cough we wanted to check out.
So the new stats are:
Jack weighs 28 pounds (and he just has a cold)
Ali Grace weighs 14.1 pounds and is 23.5 inches long (and now she, and I, also have a cold)

We're Rolling Along

The Saturday after Christmas we went to our friends' the Stinsons house. They have a school bus!!!! And since Jack is in love with school buses we had to go take a ride! We rode all around town and he loved it! He was so excited when we first got on that he couldn't stop laughing! Unfortunately, he hadn't had a good nap that day, so half way through the ride he conked out! When we stopped and woke him up he was not happy! And of course that's when we remembered to take a picture. :)

Ali Grace rolled over for the first time while we were in Yazoo City for New Years. It was great because Brian's mom got to see it. Since then Ali has been rolling like crazy!!! She rolls all over the room now and is already trying to scoot around! This girl is going to be a mover!

Christmas Morning

We had a lot of fun on Christmas morning! I love being at our house alone as a family on Christmas morning and just hanging out together. Jack was much more into it this year, and it was Grrreat seeing him react to his presents. My favorite moment was when he opened his rifle (it's a toy) his face lit up like I've never seen it before! It was wonderful! :)

Jack is becoming a little boy's boy! Not only did he get a rifle, but he got a tool set, a guitar, and a ton of trucks. Needless to say, Brian has a blast shopping for Jack and he's had so much fun playing with him too.

Ali Grace got a doll, some clothes, and a couple of little things. She had a good time watching everything that was going on.

Christmas Pictures

One of our friends here, Brooke took these pictures for us! I LOVE them and can't wait for her to take more for us!