January 23, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had a lot of fun on Christmas morning! I love being at our house alone as a family on Christmas morning and just hanging out together. Jack was much more into it this year, and it was Grrreat seeing him react to his presents. My favorite moment was when he opened his rifle (it's a toy) his face lit up like I've never seen it before! It was wonderful! :)

Jack is becoming a little boy's boy! Not only did he get a rifle, but he got a tool set, a guitar, and a ton of trucks. Needless to say, Brian has a blast shopping for Jack and he's had so much fun playing with him too.

Ali Grace got a doll, some clothes, and a couple of little things. She had a good time watching everything that was going on.

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Rachel Kieffner said...


Your little family is so adorable. I hope y'all are doing well (minus the colds). Ben and I have been talking about how we would love to get together with y'all before to long.

It looks like our children got the same presents almost. Brennen received a kitchen rather than a guitar (which he would love to have; he just lets his rifle serve dual purposes of both gun and guitar), and he loves to cook and play fast-food drive-thru through the little window.

I would love to watch our boys play together; they seem to be two peas in a pod :-)

God Bless,