January 30, 2009

Such a girl already!

This girl likes to move! She will get focused on something and want it sooo bad--you can just see the determination in her face and her whole body. She likes rolling on the floor, but only for a certain amount of time, then she's DONE and it's on to something else--and she'll let you know when she's done too. :) She's such a girl already!

She likes chewing on her glow-worm's face, and listening to it play music.

This curly-cue thing is her favorite! She will roll all the way across the room to get to it! I love watching her try to reach it, she looks like a cat pawing at a toy.

Another of her favorites is a tower of rings that lights up and plays music, she really knocks it around!

These pictures are of Ali's first encounters with rice cereal. She did not love it. The faces she made were priceless! She did Ok even though most of the cereal came right back out of her mouth. As you can see the girl is not malnourished. She loves to eat!
Those cheeks!

She prefers her chubby fingers.

We put her in the excersaucer for the first time today, and she was pretty happy in it. Again, once she was done, she was DONE.

Trying to get those fingers again.

No, my baby girl does not have a mohawk, she just has really fuzzy hair and apparently this is how it shows up in pictures now. :)

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Anonymous said...

She is sooooo cute. I love those chubby baby cheeks.