January 30, 2009

And he's such a boy!

Jack has such an imagination! Though we got him a play gun and play guitar for Christmas, he still uses his golf clubs to shoot or to jam out as the mood strikes him. I'm sure as he gets older, he'll play more with the "real" play things, but for now he's good with his golf clubs. There are a few presents that have been BIG hits though:

Jack loves his tools, but he reeeeally LOVES his flashlight. Here he's demonstrating how to turn it on.

Brian's aunt and uncle gave him a bunch of Hot Wheels and he plays with them constantly! This window sill in our living room has always been a favorite spot of his, and now he loves to line his cars up on it, drive them on it, and crash them together. He usually has about 20 of them lined up.

Brian's parents gave him this desk and stool and he loves sitting at it to draw. Every night I move it into his room, just to clean up the living room, and every morning he wants it back out again.

He looks like a little boy now. :) :(


Anonymous said...

Awwww....He looks like such a big boy.
Love Papa and Nana

Alison said...

I loved both of your posts! Your kids are adorable and I'm sure so sweet, too! The window sill is one of Ben's favorite play places, too. That's where he plays with his cars :) Funny how we have their toys mixed in together but he never touches Faith's dolls but always goes straight for his cars and tools :)