January 23, 2009

We're Rolling Along

The Saturday after Christmas we went to our friends' the Stinsons house. They have a school bus!!!! And since Jack is in love with school buses we had to go take a ride! We rode all around town and he loved it! He was so excited when we first got on that he couldn't stop laughing! Unfortunately, he hadn't had a good nap that day, so half way through the ride he conked out! When we stopped and woke him up he was not happy! And of course that's when we remembered to take a picture. :)

Ali Grace rolled over for the first time while we were in Yazoo City for New Years. It was great because Brian's mom got to see it. Since then Ali has been rolling like crazy!!! She rolls all over the room now and is already trying to scoot around! This girl is going to be a mover!

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