January 23, 2009

Our New Year

(Yes I realize that it's been 2009 for almost a month now.)
I always feel like I'm a few months behind, but lately I really am! We have been travelling all over and having a great time spending time with family. But all of the going going going has made me feel waaaay behind.
So now that we're at home for a while I'm starting lists of New Years tasks and goals and all that jazz.
Some kid-related ones are getting rid of Jack's pacifiers, and starting on potty training (both a little scary) and starting Ali Grace on rice cereal and putting her in her own room sometime soon. All big steps for us!
I also have tons of things I want to clean and organize and decorate, but the MAIN THING I want to do is use my time more wisely. I've been starting to brainstorm about how I can do this, and I have a few ideas, but I would love any suggestions from anyone! More on all this later, but for now, please pray that God would show me what HIS priorities for me are.Here are two priorities right here! Aren't they cute! Jack likes to lay down with Ali Grace and give her toys to play with. He uses these golf clubs as guns, he wanted to show Ali how to use them, so he gave her one to shoot with too. He's a sweetie.
I think Jack looks JUST like my Paw Paw in this picture! HAHA

And here's our little man fast asleep in his high chair. We laugh and laugh when he does this.
Also, we went to the doctor this week for Ali Grace's 4 month check-up and Jack tagged along b/c he had a cough we wanted to check out.
So the new stats are:
Jack weighs 28 pounds (and he just has a cold)
Ali Grace weighs 14.1 pounds and is 23.5 inches long (and now she, and I, also have a cold)

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