April 8, 2008

2 Happy Years!!!!

Brian and I have been married for two happy, fun-filled years today! It's amazing that it's already been that long, and that it's been that short of a time too! I thank God every day for his blessing of such a wonderful, understanding, loving husband and incredible dad for Jack! We are so incredibly blessed!
To add to his wonderfulness, Brian surprised me with a weekend getaway to Hot Springs for the two of us. My parents came over for the weekend to keep Jack and we spent our first night away from him, which ended up being a little hard, but not too bad. ( I did call a few times to check on him.) We had so much fun walking around HS, shopping, eating, and being together! Brian had even set up a massage for us Saturday night! He did so good! We had a great time and felt refreshed when we got home Sunday! Thank you baby!
Happy 2nd Anniversary Brian!
I love you and look forward to many many many more years to come!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Kim Shirley said...

Congrats! And the pic of you two at your wedding is SO lovely and sweet. (As is the happy new baby Jack moment, but I think you know what I mean.)

Bodin Family said...

Happy Anniversary Brian and Christina! We love you and we wish you many many more happy years together.

Mom & Dad

Mike, Alison, & Benjamin said...

congratulations to 2 wonderful people on 2 great years of marriage! we miss you!