April 22, 2008

Jack's Birthday Party!

Jack's BIG present was a swing set from both sets of grandparents and Elizabeth. Brian, his dad, and my dad put it together Saturday afternoon. It took them 5 hours! It looks great though!We've already played on it a lot! He really likes it! (P.S.: If you look at my belly you can see the baby bump--the angle makes it look smaller than it actually is, or maybe it's just me)

We're getting a toddler swing soon and I can't wait to see Jack's face when he swings!

Our big birthday boy!

My parents got him this MSU hat and I think he's the cutest thing in the world in it!!!
Brian's parents got him this cute little chair! It's just his size and is going to be
awesome and well used!

It may look like he's digging in, but he was MAAAAD for some reason. Silly boy!

The Fores gave Jack this "truck" as he calls it. He loves it!

This weekend the Jack's Grandpa and Grandmamma Chisholm, Papa and Nana Bodin, and Aunt Elizabeth all came in town to celebrate Jack's first birthday! The party was Saturday and we had a blast! Our great friends the Fores came too and we all ate yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, and chips. Then Jack opened all of his presents, and then came the cake! Jack was hilarious! He WOULD NOT eat the little cupcake that we made for him, and he got really really upset, so we finally got him down and cleaned him up. Then we cut the big cake and he stole half of Elizabeth's cake and didn't want to stop eating it. We cracked up!

The weekend and the party were so perfect! Everyone had a great time, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and Jack was in rare form! He was a ham the whole time! He ate up all of the attention. A few times I had to laugh to myself because we found ourselves, 7 grown adults, sitting around the living room, or the kitchen, or the backyard (wherever Jack was) totally focused on and engrossed in watching Jack do every little thing. It was great! I think Jack had fun, and I know that everybody else did. I just wish they could've stayed longer!


The Overstreets said...

AMAZING PICTURES! Looks like a great party.. Camp is going to be so jealous when he sees that awesome swing set! Love it!

Elizabeth Bodin said...

I had so much fun staying with ya'll. Tell Jack he can share my cake with me anytime. I love ya'll. Can't wait until the next time I get to see ya'll.

Mike, Alison, & Benjamin said...

too cute..what a great family :)

Ashley said...

Don't be scared!
What I usually do with people who are planning on painting something significant is stand far away from the wall and hold the paint chip out in front of your eye until the paint chip fits in the place of the wall. Now close one eye and picture that paint chip as if it were the wall. Doing this will help you see how the color looks in a large proportion and it will also let you see that color in the room with all of your furniture and carpet.

I love the Pioneer Woman too! Have you read the love story yet? It's pretty addictive. She's such a great writer. I've made several of her recipes and entered a couple of her giveaways. She's so down to earth and I love the 'Keepin it Real' segment! I'm glad you like her too!

Crystal Garcia said...

Looks like tons of fun! Jack is such a lucky boy...That swing set looks amazing!

Jared & Brandy Verwiel said...

Such sweet pictures! I'm sure he's going to love the swing.

Haley said...

It looks like everyone wants to hold Jack, who can blame them? Burly (my dog) will probably get to be 100 lbs or so. His dad is 120!