August 28, 2009

Jack Faces

Jelly with toast for breakfast. Yummy! He could eat his weight in this and scrambled eggs! It's his favorite brekfast...well and sausage, and pancakes, and yogurt, and fruit, and cereal...I guess he likes it all really. :)
Graham crackers and milk for a snack. He loves "digging" as he calls it, his crackers in milk like Mommy and Daddy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! He is so precious! And he looks so big! We went to the fishing camp last weekend with the Chisholms, and our big boy slept in a real big boy bed all by himself for the first time. Well, a couple hours after he'd been asleep Brian looked in on him and Jack was in the center of the bed fast asleep with his little booty in the air! UH I wanted to grab him and hug him and kiss him and never let go! Sometimes he seems like such a big boy that I forget how little he still is. He's getting so big, but he's still our little boy!

Brian took these pictures of Jack playing by the water at the fishing camp. I'll be posting more pics of the trip once I get some of a BIG event that took place. :)

Talking. And using his hands when he talks. So funny!

This is one of his many sassy looks. The boy can cut those eyes! And it is hilarious! There are many many times when Brian and I are struggling to hold back laughter as we discipline him for his sassiness.

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