August 14, 2009

Another TV Update

We're almost half-way through the month and we're doing great! Brian and I watched a little bit of TV last night--I caught up on Design Star, and he got his golf fix--but other than that there has been NO TV viewing at all. I am actually very proud of us, because these last two weeks have been challenging! First I got a cold, then Jack got it, then Ali Grace, and now Brian has the BAD mutant form of it. So at a time when we would normally turn on the TV and veg out, we've been forced to find other ways to get through it, and though it has been a challenge at times, it hasn't been that hard. We've all been reading a lot of books, and been playing things like pretend with the kids more, which has been great. Brian and I have gooten to work on some projects that we never really had time for before, and my favorite thing has been that we have both lunch and supper together at the table, instead of sometimes in front of the TV. I LOVE THAT! It just feels good to be more engaged in eachother's lives.

Of course, now that I said all that, since this weekend my parents and sister are coming for a visit, TV will be allowed. We don't want to torture them! (Plus, Brian wants to watch a golf tournament) so......I'm determined to not watch much TV at all, and once the weekend is over, it's back OFF!!!!!!!!!! And, yes, my husband does call me the TV Nazi. Really, he does. :)

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