August 6, 2009

Our Sweet Girl

Ali Grace will be ELEVEN months old on Monday! This past year has flown! I can't believe that this time last year we didn't even know if she was going to be a girl or a boy! She is such a blessing to us! She loves to snuggle, loves to smile, loves to eat! She has such a funny little personality that is coming out so much lately. She's curious and silly, but also serious and sensitive, and boy does she have a temper! Ooooo weeee! We love love love her to pieces and can't imagine our lives without her!
She's growing so fast and to prove it she passed another milestone today and took her first THREE steps! It was sooo great! Brian, me, Jack, and Ali Grace were all playing in Jack's room and Brian started teasing Ali with a toy to get her to walk--and then she did it! We laughed and cheered and clapped. We're so proud of our little girl! YEAH ALI GRACE!
Happy girl.
Curious girl.

Still curious girl. :)
Hungry girl.
Makes Mommy's heart melt girl. :)

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Elizabeth Bodin said...

Ali's hair is so pretty! She looks more and more like a little girl!
I Love You More Than Air!