August 5, 2009

TV update

Thanks so much for your encouragement and suggestions! We're doing really good. We watched our Food Network/Design Star episodes Sunday night, but since then we haven't turned the TV on. I has been difficult at times though. I actually called Brian this morning to ask permission to turn it on. :) I have a cold, and it's so easy to just sit and rest while the kids watvh TV, and I confess that is what I wanted to do. Brian laughed at me and said that I could do it, if my conscience would let me. Well, I didn't turn it on! Instead Jack and I sat at the front window and watched as a storn came in. He loved the lightning and the trees whipping around in the wind. I think God is teaching me a lesson about taking the easy way out. If I would have/could have turned on the TV I would have missed out on watching Jack have a blast just watching a storm, and telling him about how God made it. Why would I want to trade the priceless for the meaningless and worthless? I do this in other parts of my life too. I'll watch TV, or get online instead of reading God's word, or sitting and talking with Brian. Trading the priceless things in life, for the easier and worthless things. Thank you Lord for showing me my sin and giving me the way out of it!


Crystal Garcia said...

I love that yall are doing this! I think at the end you will see what a distraction TV is. I think God's been showing me that recently. I ditto what Alison said. Listen to sermons online while you're cleaning or running around the house. Don't feel the pressure to take in every single word, just let it be the background noise in your home. It's better to have God's word going into your head than the tv stuff. Also, you can listen to Christian artists online for free through their myspace pages. Or also check out You can create your own radio station for free!

Alison said...

I agree with you too Christina! God's been showing me - what do I want to take comfort in when I'm sick or stressed? What the world has to offer or what He has to offer? Ouch :)