August 6, 2009

Our Big Boy

This month Jack will be 2 1/2--and again, where has time gone? I know that he's he same little bitty boy that we brought home from the hospital, but he's just getting sooo big that it's hard to believe that! Is that just a Mommy thing, or what? Jack loves to play outside, loves to play with his "play-no" (play-doh), loves to play with cars, trucks, tractors, tools, blocks, and so much more. He's starting to imagine and pretend more, which I LOVE to watch. Today his belt was a snake that was playing on the floor, sleeping, crying, sick, taking medicine, and who knows what else. He loves his sister, and though she sometimes drives his crazy (already!!!) he's still so sweet with her! He's our big boy! and WE LOVE HIM!

We went walking on our street the other day after it had rained and Jack had a blast running through the puddles.

Last weekend we took the crib rail down and put this temporary rial up on Jack's bed. He has done so well with it. He loves that he can climb in his bed by himself. And we love that he hasn't figured out how to climb out yet. So it's great!

Brother and Sister playing! So cute!
Jack likes to glue and so I cut out all kinds of shapes for him. I cut out a trian, car, truck, and plane the other day and instead of gluing them, he just played with them. There were lots of "shraaaash"es (crashes) and he had fun.
We went for a walk this afternoon and Jack HAD to take his gun. He had a good time shooting everything in sight. He looks so intense in this picture! All we need is some cowby showdown music and we'll be set.

Go ahead punk, make my day.
And then after a hard thirty minutes shooting he was tired of his gun, so this was my solution. You might be a redneck...if you have a gun rack on your baby stroller! :)

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Elizabeth Bodin said...

Where did you get a stroller with a gun rack? I think I need one of those for when Jack comes to my house...haha. Jack has gotten so BIG!
Love you!