August 1, 2009

No TV??????

As I have shared here before, I (and we) love some TV, and it gets really ridiculous at times, so....after some talking and thinking and sweating, we decided to go the entire month of August with NO TV! And since today is August 1st it was our very first day without it. And though it was good, it was HARD too--and I'm so ashamed to admit that.
It has become way too easy to just turn it on for a minute while I'm folding clothes, or nursing, or breathing. :) Plus, we've been letting the kids watch way too much too. So, sadly, there was a little bit of withdrawl going on. But Jack only asked maybe twice to watch TV, so that was HUGE!!! I was definitely nervous about him getting whiney about it. So that just confirms that it is really Brian and I--not Jack--he doesn't need/want it as much as we think he does.
Though it may be hard at times, I'm really excited about using our time more wisely and about getting creative when it comes to entertaining the kids and myself. Plus, we've already been doing more reading together which is so great!
{All that said, there will be a couple of exceptions to the no TV rule--tomorrow night we will watch Next Food Network Star Finale, and Thursday night we will watch Burn Notice Finale...we've also been toying with having a "TV night" ONE night a week after the kids go to bed...but as I'm typing this I'm feeling very guilty/uncommited/waffley about we'll see.}
I"ll try to keep ya'll updated. For now, it's ONE day down, THIRTY to go.
Pray for us! :)


Alison said...

You can do it! I haven't had cable since '05... we just watch DVDs from time to time. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Alison said...

P.S. I will say that now I am a big fan of the radio and listening to stuff online :)

aefelder said...

good work! we're doing something similar..sort of. our pastor encouraged us to do a fast for the year. 1 day in january, 2 days in feb, etc. this is august, so that means 8 days w/ no tv. it's funny how much time you seem to have, huh? i didn't think i watched it much either..just while i did other things. now it's much easier to turn off. :)