August 26, 2009

Girl Time

A couple of weekends ago my parents and sister came up to see us. On Saturday us girls and the kids went garage-saling and the guys went golfing, then we met up for lunch and the guys took the kids. So us girls got to have some girl time! We shopped a little, and then we went to a place called Firefly Studio in LR where you paint your own pottery. My sister had done this several times, but my Mom and I never had. It was SO much fun! We painted a bunch of stuff and really enjoyed it. Well, yesterday I went back to LR to pick up our fired and finished pieces. And here they are. This is a big platter I painted to be our official Birthday cake plate. It came out OK, I did feel a little rushed, but I think it's sweet, and hopefully it will be a fun and special tradition for our family. The bottom part says "We are so glad you were born"--a phrase borrowed from our dear friend Crystal who always tells us that on our birthdays! :)

These are actually two spare canister tops, but since I'm a junker at heart, I decided to paint them and hang them on the wall. The girl that works at the studio showed me this really cool process where you lay a piece of lace on top and then put this thick white gloop on top of it and when you pull the lace off, the pattern is left. ( I might try this on canvas with paint.)
Ali Grace's initials done to match her room.
My Mom had the HARDEST time deciding what piece of pottery to choose and then what to paint. I think she did FANTASTIC! She painted this the colors of her room, and I think it came out really good.

My sister did this pendant with another neat process the girl showed us. You mix paint, a little water, and soap (like Dawn) together and make bubbles, you apply the bubbles to the piece and let them pop, and it leaves behind a cool bubble design. Elizabeth did it with tiny bubbles, but you can use big bubbles too.

Elizabeth painted this one too. I LOVE it! These are some of my favorite colors! She did a great job!


Elizabeth said...

Yay! They all turned out so good. I love the lace its so pretty. And the birthday cake plate is really cool too. :)
Love you sis!

Crystal Garcia said...

I do always say that! For the record, I'm glad you were born EVERYday:)