September 10, 2009

Ali Grace is ONE year old!!!

Jack and I sang Happy Birthday to Ali when she woke up. Jack's version is "Hasty Birstay" over and over , and it's adorable!
The Birthday Girl!

One of the many phone calls from loving family, wishing Ali a happy birthday!

Her flower cake! And we got to use our family plate for the first time!

She liked her cake a lot!


If there's one thing this girl can do, it's make a mess!!!! I had to give her a bath when she was done eating.

This adorable boy liked the cake a lot too. He kept saying "birstday cake for meee!"

He had to have a bath too. He loves putting food in his hair lately--yesterday it was ketchup, today cake and icing. :)


Anonymous said...

Awww...she looks so happy on her Birsday!!! We love her to pieces.

Nana and Papa

aefelder said...

did you make the cake? it looks great!

Haley said...

Happy birthday to Ali Grace! And a BIG congratulations on y'alls 3rd! I just read that, how exciting!!

Laura said...

I read your link from LT.
Your children are precious! We unplugged the tv 6 months ago and your description of life without tv was dead on!