September 1, 2009

Family Trips Part 3--The Fishing Camp

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Mississippi to spend the weekend with the Chisholms at the fishing camp. Brian and his Dad look forward to this time fishing all year--and so do the rest of us. We had so much fun relaxing, eating, talking, playing, and fishing. And to make this year even better Jack got to fish for the very first time! We were all sooo hoping that he would catch his first fish this year with Brian and Grandpa there. Grandpa was not there when Brian caught his first fish, so we really wanted him to be there for Jack's. So early Saturday morning Brian, Grandpa, and Jack got up and started fishing from the bank. I was still asleep, but Brian said Jack did very well!

And then HE CAUGHT HIS FIRST FISH!!!!!! Brian woke me up with the fish in my face and was smiling ear-to-ear! Our big boy is a great fisherman!A lot of time was spent just like this. Fishing Fishing Fishing. Brian and Grandpa took the boat out fishing a lot too.
Three Generations of Chisholm men--and fishermen.

Jack pretended to be out on the water. He loved playing in the boat. Grandmama, Ali Grace, and I spent most of our time eating, relaxing, and playing. I think Grandmama had fun getting some quality time with little Ali Grace and Jack too.

Saturday Aunt Amanda (Brian's sister) and Uncle Chris came for lunch and to play with the kids. They had a blast! Jack and Ali Grace loved seeing them! As you can see they love their aunt.

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