September 2, 2009

TV is Back

BUT IT IS ON PROBATION! As the TV Nazi, I can't just let everyone watch whatever, whenever, what kind of a Nazi would that make me? :)

Really though, we are allowed to watch TV again. But we've learned so much by not watching it for a month that we don't want to let it take over again! We learned things like: that it IS possible to entertain our kids without the TV, and that we get so much more done with it off, and the house is so much more peaceful without it, and that limiting our TV viewing really does help us with thoughts and clutter in our heads, and leaves more room for the right things.

I'd say the biggest lesson we learned is that taking out TV has left room for the good and right things in all areas of life. Dinner at the table together, reading to the kids more, playing with the kids more, reading our Bibles more, talking more. So what we've decided to do with all of this knowledge is to severely limit TV from now on. I've decided that we won't turn it on AT ALL during the day until Friday--that will be our lazy/pajama/TV day (and that doesn't mean all day either). Also, we won't watch TV until the kids go to bed in the evenings, and honestly I have little desire to watch much then. It truly disturbs me at times--it just seems so loud, so disruptive, and so uncontrollable, you know? Anyway...that's what we've learned, and what we're planning on. I'm sure there will be times when we get back into that TV rut, but I hope that we'll have enough sense to back up and get back to where we need to be again.


aefelder said...

good job, girl! i've learned similar lessons. especially since josiah has discovered it and already stares at it blankly. i hate that! congrats on baby #3! that's awesome!!! :)

Jason & Meg said...

I have to say this no tv will not be taking place in my house after this next baby is born...all that free time seems to have created more than just time for reading. Congrats on Baby #3, but we definately aren't ready for that so TV on around here:)