March 7, 2008

Snow Day!!!

It reeeeeeallllllly snowed today!!!! It was beeautiful and so much fun. I kept on forgetting about
the snow, but then I'd look out the window and be blown away again by how awesome it looked.
By about 5:00 this afternoon it had snowed 7 inches! We didn't got out in it much because it was soooo cold, but we did take a couple pictures.

Is this really the South??? 7 INCHES!!!

My handsome men. Jack really liked the snow!

"Look Mommy! It's snowing!"
Our friends the Fores and the Morrisons stopped by this afternoon to enjoy the snow with us.
Here's Lucy and her "husband" Boss frolicing in the snow.
Our little snow village.
This is the main intersection in Rison--yup, we don't even have a stop light, just a 3-way stop.
Main Street.Our church. So pretty!

The front-loaders at the pole plant. Brian let all the guys off early this afternoon because of the snow, so we got a longer-than-usual weekend. YAY SNOW!


Ashley said...

It just started snowing here too! There's no way it's going to stick but it's so pretty!

(I'm totally stoked that Christian won Project Runway, by the way, I know I'm a little behind... don't judge)

Crystal Garcia said...

that looks amazing! Like a Christmas card or something.