March 17, 2008

Going Home

This is my 100th post! How exciting!
Anyway...We went home this weekend to Starkville and it was such a great trip, and we just loved being there so much that we didn't want to leave! Literally. It is so sad to realize that when we lived in Starkville we completely did not appreciate it. But we do now! {I know it sounds like I'm bashing Rison, but I'm really not. The two places are soooo different, and each is great in its own way. We like Rison, we like where we are and what we're doing. We've just come to realize that we love Starkville.}

So...we got to see lots of friends and familiar places that have so many memories for us and it was great! Thursday night we went to Mi Hacienda to eat with all of the Chapel folks (Gardners, Chessers, and Thompsons) and Butch and Susan Simmons. They hadn't seen Jack since he was 3 months old, so they really loved seeing how much he has changed. Then that night we stayed at Kane and Katey's house and had a good time chatting with them late into the night.

Friday Brian, Kane and all of they guys met up to start their guys weekend, Katey and Camp went to Jackson, and Jack and I headed to Amanda's (Brian's sister) apartment where we stayed the rest of the weekend.

It was a BLAST staying with her! Not only did she cook us yummy food and help tremendously with Jack, but Jack fell in love with her all over again and they had so much fun playing together! He even learned a few new tricks--like hitting 2 blocks together to make a noise, and playing with water bottles. Saturday we went to Bulldog Deli which I had been CRAVING like crazy and visited campus which looks amazing! The Union and McCool are incredible!

And then Suday Brian and I went to lunch at City Bagel YUMMMMMMMM! It was a great weekend, great weather, great people--we really wanted to have all of our stuff sent to us and just stay. Maybe one day we'll live in Starkvegas again. Only in God's will and in His timing. But now we're loving little Rison and all of it's charms!


Kim Shirley said...

Oohh how fun! I'm in need of some Deli too. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

Crystal Garcia said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. I go through Starkville withdrawals from time to time, too! I look forward to getting to spend an entire weekend there very soon...

The Texas VicHorns said...

We want to move back too! Since we only make it back 2 times a year, I spend most of my time eating at Tipico, City Bagel, the Deli, LJ's (closed now, sad!), fried mushrooms from Harveys, and yada, yada, yada. I miss it so much!!!!