March 7, 2008

More Jack Pictures

My favorite thing EVER is getting Jack out of his crib after he wakes up! He is precious!!!!
Jack loves to push things. It sounds weird, but he pushes everything that isn't nailed down, like this box. Silly boy!
Jack got a few early birthday presents from our friends this past weekend. Hayden gave him this cute piggy bank that Jack plays with constantly now. He loves opening and closing the front and getting the coins out.
Crystal gave him these cute pj's! She said they were "so boring" but before I put them on him he played with them forever. Go figure, he has tons of toys and he loves playing with boxes, clothes, and paper. :)
The Overstreets gave him this cool gear board that plays music, lights up, and turns. He loves taking the gears off and putting them back on, which he's getting better and better at. So smart!After spilling something on his pj shirt Brian changed him (like you couldn't tell) Poor little guy!

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Crystal Garcia said...

I laughed out loud at Jack's little outfit! It looks like he has stripped leggings on or something. If you have a girl, promise me you won't ever let Chisholm dress her.