May 5, 2010

Baby Kate

Here are some more pictures of our sweet little Kate. We're all home now, and doing well. She's been nursing and sleeping great! Last night, our first night home, was pretty rough though. Kate wouldn't sleep unless we held her, Ali Grace woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, and Jack woke up several times. But we made it through and we're hoping tonight will be better.

Jack and Ali Grace are funny about Kate. Jack wants to touch her and see what she's doing all the time. Ali Grace just watches her and says "bobby" "bobby" over and over. She usually won't say Kate, she just calls her "bobby"--that's how she says baby! So funny!

My Mom and Dad are here for the week to help and they have been invaluable! I never realized how big and fast and loud and all over the place Jack and Ali are!!!! Of course I am comparing them to Kate now. She is so sweet and calm! Maybe she'll be our calm and quiet child.


aefelder said...

congrats Stina! you're a baby-makin machine! and I know first-hand what complete blessings they are. enjoy the new one! I'm itching to have another..I miss the little baby stage already! :)

Elizabeth said...

Awww! I'm so glad Ali and Jack are loving on Kate. I love the last picture with Ali reaching for Kate. You look great! Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.
Love you!

Crystal Garcia said...

I love her. Can I have her? You already have two!


Ashley said...


Alison said...

I love the picture of Ali Grace reaching out to hold Kate! I'd love to see that :)