June 30, 2008

Ode to Bullseye

O my dear dear Bullseye, I will miss you so.
I think of all the fun times we had,
And it makes me sad to see you go.
You survived SO very much!
We got stuck in the mud.
We went many miles.
We were never duds.
We caused many smiles.
I love the way you squeal and embarass me so.
I love the way your gas pedal sticks when I try to go.
I love how you smell,
Especially when the window doesn't stop water so well.
I love every one of your spots and dings and scratches and things.
I will miss you so.
Please be good and faithful wherever you go.
O my dear, dear Bullseye!
*sniff* I promised I wouldn't cry! *sniff*
The time has come to depart with my beloved Bullseye and get a larger vehicle. God totally arranged this, because we thought it would be years before we could afford this. But we got a great deal from my grandparents and we're going to buy their mini-van! So now I will be a Mini-Van drivin' Mamma!!! Woooohooooo! Praise God for this great and very unexpected blessing!


Ashley said...

My old car squeeled, stuck, leaked, and boy was I thrilled to get rid of it! (actually it died and I called the kidney foundation to come take it away) But thrilled none the less! Congrats on the new mini van! It's so funny that people our age are starting to drive those (out of necessity mihgt I add!)! Hope you guys are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Good-bye Bullseye, we will miss you!

Nana & Papa B.

Jared & Brandy Verwiel said...

that poem cracks me up!!! so glad you're getting a minivan...i hear they're life changing! :-)

The Texas VicHorns said...

Hilarious! I love trusty old cars.

Congratulations on the mini-van!!!

Crystal Garcia said...

What? You're getting rid of bulls eye (aka target)? I can't believe it. I'm going to have to process you exchanging the saturn for a momma car....