December 22, 2007

Over, Under, Up and Down

We have been busy busy busy lately getting ready for Jack's very first Christmas and getting everybody well. Last week Jack started getting really congested and coughing, and even after the dr. called in a cough/congestion medicine for us, he wasn't improving. So after going back and forth about whether to go to the dr. (it is so hard to know what is best sometimes) we went on Tuesday and I'm so glad that we did because he had infections in both ears and a bad cold. So now we're doing the cough/congestion medicine and an antibiotic and he's doing so much better! Also, since I was taking care of Jack I got sick too, so that was FUN! But now I'm feeling much better too! So thankfully we'll both be 100% by Christmas eve.
I MUST mention that Brian was our HERO this past week!!!! Not only did he take off 1/2 a day to take us to Little Roack to the doctor, but he also went grocery shopping for me when I was feeling yucky--and I'm talking HUGE groceries, 2 weeks of regular food, baking ingredients, and Christmas dinner food too!!! Plus he took care of us and let me get lots of rest. Brian is the best husband and daddy!!!
Jack is 9 MONTHS old today!!! I can't believe he is already so big! He has suddenly started doing tons of new things. Just yesterday he went from crawling on his stomach to sitting up on his own for the first time and he pulled up to standing for the first time too! Now he's doing it over and over and over! We are seriously in for it, the way it's going now, he's going to be walking tomorrow!


Jason & Meg said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. I was laughing as I scrolled through the pics of him everywhere. I hope your house is already child proofed.

Bodin Family said...

We can't wait to see ya'll this weekend. We love you..Merry Christmas