February 11, 2008

Jack update

Jack will be ELEVEN months old next week!!!!! WHAT???? Time has blown by faster than it seems possible! But we're really enjoying it all and having so much fun with our little man!
He has at least 6 teeth now, 2 on the bottom and 4 on top.
He cruises around the furniture at lightning speed, making us proud and very nervous at the same time. Poor little guy bumps his head all the time, but he's tough!
He "talks" all the time now! His "stories" are sometimes long, dramatic and accompanied by various large hand and arm gestures and laughs, making us think that maybe he's telling us big fish stories or tales about a very large and funny creature. Whatever he's saying it is very important and must be paid attention too...of course that's no problem, we can barely peel our eyes away from the little cutie anyway. He definitely keeps us laughing and moving.
Some of his favorite things are: getting 2 old remotes out of the drawer in the coffee table and crawling around with one in each hand, crawling down the hall as fast as he can trying to get into a room before Mom or Dad closes the door, playing in his closet and dragging everything he can reach out, "helping" Mommy fold the laundry (see 2nd picture above), crawling around naked after his bath (see last 2 pics), and telling us his stories.
We love this boy to pieces! What in the world did we do before we had him? I can't even remember. Surely it wasn't this much fun! :)


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The Texas VicHorns said...

What a sweet post! I look forward to the day we have our own little blessing! God is good.

The Texas VicHorns said...

PS- I just read on Alison's blog that you are expecting again!!! That is great news!!! congratulations!