December 11, 2008

'Bout Time

We have been super busy, plus blogger wouldn't let me post pictures for a while. are some pictures of what has been going on.
One of our family traditions is Brian and Jack making pancakes every Saturday morning. They are so cute cooking together. Jack won't let Brian put him down for long, and Jack gets to flip the pancakes sometimes. They love it and so do I.

Ali Grace loves playing on her mat. Jack and I will lay down with her sometimes. She does great on her stomach and will roll back on to her back. When she does roll over Jack and I cheer for her. Jack is such a sweetie, clapping and saying "yaaahhhh A-yee" and "go A-yee".

Jack LOOOOVES taking a bath, and always has. He has a lot of fun with his toys now. He names them all and makes their sounds. He's getting so smart!
More posts to come. I have tons of pictures from Thanksgiving to
put up.

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Elizabeth Bodin said...

I love the new pics!! They are both growing up so fast!