December 23, 2006

Baby Chisholm's First Picture

Here's the baby's sonogram photo taken at 5 months. That's one Beautiful baby! We have gotten so many predictions on whether it's a girl or a boy. Most people think it's a boy, but we won't know until baby chisholm is born!!! I'm getting antsy about knowing! I can't wait to know whether it's a girl or boy! But I can wait just to have that moment when they say, "It's a _______!" and then Brian gets to tell everybody what it is!

I can't believe that we only have about 12 weeks to go! It has FLOWN! The baby is moving sooo much--and keeping me up at night. It's been a challenge trying not to keep Brian up too. He needs his rest though, so I try. I'm starting to feel distinct movements that feel like an elbow or knee crossing my belly, but I haven't seen any pointy elbows or anything sticking out yet.

We're on the coast visiting family for Christmas and so we've seen TONS of people today. We stayed with Brian's family last night and then spent today with my family. It's been so much fun! This may be our last Christmas to come down here for a while because once we move we want to be at home for Christmas morning. So we're trying to soak it all in. Everybody has been so sweet and excited about "the belly." Today my brother Michael felt the baby move and was freaked out by it--he thought it was gross! He's crazy! But my dad felt it and was excited. We're going back home tomorrow afternoon and spending a low key day at home just cooking and haning out together. I can't wait to see how Brian is going to be on Christmas morning. He's gonna be just like a little kid. I bet we get up before dawn! I can't wait! He's gonna be such a good daddy!!!

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BetsyB. said...

We love you Baby Chisholm. We can't wait to see you and hold you.

Nana and Papa