January 4, 2007

Belly Pictures!!!

Ok, so these pictures are really really out of order. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. The one where I'm standing in the kitchen with the black shirt on was taken at about 17 weeks. At this point I thought my tummy was getting big. Ha! Little did I know. The one of me in an orange shirt and red pants (that's a cute outfit huh) was taken at 20 weeks and there's a little bit of difference in that and the 17 week one, but not much. All of the others were taken today, January 4 ,and I'm about 29 weeks now. BIG difference!!!! There's no need to lift up my shirt now to see the belly. I Love it!!! It's funny, because I feel so normal that sometimes I forget I have this huge belly there. So, there are some belly pics finally! We've been really bad about taking pictures, these are the only ones we have. I'm sure that once the baby gets here our camera won't leave our hands much. Especially since lot sof people will be relying on this blog to be able to see Baby Chisholm. And now we have a scanner to put stuff on here more often. Still, if I get lazy about it please fuss at me!


Jason & Meg said...

ThankYou so much for the updayed pics! I love the belly. I can't wait to see you soon!

BetsyB. said...

I love the Belly Pictures. That's my grandbaby in that belly. You look so cute.