January 31, 2007

Seven Weeks to go!

I just realized that I put the picture of Claire, Mary Evelyn, and I up twice. OOps! Oh well, we're cute enough to be seen two times. It was great getting to see them at the shower, though we didn't really get to talk that much. We'll have to get in some quality time before the baby arrives.
I cannot believe that we have 7 weeks until the due date! It's crazy to think that I'm going to be a mommy that soon. Brian and I have been trying to guess whether the baby will arrive before or after the due date (March 22). We're just playing around, of course, cause we have no clue! Baby Chisholm will get here in God's perfect timing, no sooner, no later. That's so wonderful to know.
Like I said in my last post, the baby is moving like CRAZY! He/she is getting bigger and is letting me know it too! I'm really going to miss being able to feel him/her moving inside me! That has been such a joy and a comfort for me. It's been something that no one else can experience, not even Brian. And it's been so special! :)
Brian has talked to the Fores (they are the people we stay with in Rison who have taken us under their wing and have really helped and loved us) a couple times this week about houses and renting and all that stuff. We should know something about renting a house from the church maybe next week, and we're still thinking and praying and waiting on buying a house. There is one house that has been stuck in our heads that we looked at. It is a big house and would be an awesome place for a family, but it needs a good bit of updating and renovationing. Still, it's where I've been kinda picturing us in the future, you know? But please be praying that God will give us His wisdom and that He will make it very clear to us what we should do and what we should not do.
I'll be on the coast this weekend for another shower and it's going to be fun! It's going to be all family. All my crazy aunts and cousins are invited, so it should be an event. And Brian's aunts are coming too. My grandma is hosting it at her church and she has been so excited about it!
I have been planning to leave tomorrow to go to Madison so I can ride with my parents and sister down, but the weather is supposed to be bad, so I may leave Friday morning instead. I'm praying that we will have a safe trip. I just hope the weather doesn't get too bad and prevent me from going.

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Jason & Meg said...

Hey girl,
I missed not getting to talk a lot at your shower. We will definately have to get together for lunch very soon so we can catch up. I will pray that God reveals his plan for you and Brian.