January 30, 2007

I had my first baby shower this weekend in Madison. My mom hosted it at her house and it was wonderful! She did such a good job. We had yummy food and punch and a precious Winnie the Pooh cake. She made the cute centerpiece out of diapers and put up the crib so we could presents in it. The green chair and the little white and green rocker were presents from my parents. They recovered them both for us. The rocker was mine when I was tiny and my sister, Elizabeth, has one too. They surprised us with it right before the shower. We love them both!!!! And I know Baby Chisholm will love his/her rocker. My mom also planned cute games for the shower like guessing different kinds of baby food and guessing the number of candies in a baby bottle. We had a great turnout and everybody was so sweet and fun and generous. We have been so blessed by the many people who love us and who have given us so much love, support, and blessings. We received the cutest stuff! Lots of Winnie the Pooh themed items, which I was so excited about! And tons of blankets and precious outfits for the baby! I had a great time! And I know that everybody else did too. Way to go Nana!!! You're already an excellent grandparent!

Brian and I got back to town Sunday night and we have a busy week ahead. This next weekend I'll be going to the coast for another shower and poor Brian will be home all alone. He'll have Lucy girl though.

We start our childbirth class next Monday and I'm really excited! The baby has been moving like CRAZY and I can kinda tell the difference between arms and legs and stuff. I have been getting uncomfortable at night. God is preparing me for operating on less rest, and I am thankful for that, even though it's not all that fun.
More updates to come.

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