January 4, 2007

Christmas 2006--Our First Christmas!

Here are some of our Christmas pictures. We spent the weekend on the coast and then came home for Christmas Day. We brought the presents from Brian's side of the family home with us so that we would have more presents to open Christmas day and it was so much fun! Brian gave me the pj's I have on. He got a hat from his sister and didn't take it off all day. He loves it! Lucy got a ton of toys and treats. She liked thatmonkey! Brian smoked a turkey breast and I cooked a bunch of stuff--green bean casserole, stuffing, cherry cobbler, and bread. It was really good and we had tons of leftovers. The day was good, but it felt weird for both of us because it was the first Christmas ever that we weren't with our families. I guess that's part of being married and growing up. Lots of change! And in a couple months there will be even more changes! Praise God that He's in charge of it all and that he's with us through everything! God has truly been providing everything that we need when we need it! God is GOOD!

I realized before I posted this that I haven't mentioned our dog Lucy!!! You'll see her in a few pictures. I am ashamed for not mentioning her! She is the best dog ever! We've had her for about 6 months or so. She just wandered up one day in June and we kept her. (She didn't have any tags, so we couldn't find her owners.) She is so sweet and affectionate! She of course loves Brian the most, but she loves me too. We're excited to see what she is like with the baby. I know that she's gonna be great with Baby Chisholm! She'll protect him or her like crazy.

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BetsyB. said...

Santa was good to you. Great pics of the tree and Lucy.