February 2, 2007

Our house is becoming Baby Central!

I am officially in the nesting phase of pregnancy! This week I sorted through all of the baby stuff we've gotten so far and put it in piles. One for clothing, one for bath stuff, etc... And I was really really bad! We still had the crib in my car from this weekend and I got really impatient and decided to get it out by myself. Well then I couldn't just put the pieces on the floor somewhere so I decided to put the crib together by myself too. And I didn't let Brian know about this because I was pretty sure he wouldn't want me to do it. So anyway, after bending part of the crib and hammering it back in place and calling my dad for instructions and crying to him because I thought I broke something I thought about stopping and letting Brian do it. But I didn't. :) I eventually got the whole thing assembled and the mattress put in after quite a bit of bending and lifting and crawling and acrobatics. haha. And then I called Brian and told him what I did. He laughed at me and then he got a little annoyed and said I shouldn't have done that. I know I shouldn't have, and I could have gotten hurt. But I did. I'm hard headed. I don't know where that somes from. HA! Oh and the best part of this is that I put the crib together in the guest room and it won't fit through the door, so now Brian is going to take it apart and put it back together in our room where it belongs. So much for cutting down on the amount of work he has to do. Poor guy!
We also got the stoller this week!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute and perfect! Brian put it together and we pushed it around inside. We even gave Andy the Panda a ride in it. He is strapped in and safe. I really really love it! Thank you Grandmamma and Grandpa Chisholm!

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Jason & Meg said...

Ok girl. I am reading and laughing...First, because I can see you being hard headed and putting the crib together and now that brian has to do it all again:)