February 27, 2007

Information Overload!!! :)

We have about three weeks and 2 days until the due date and things are getting crazy! We had our last childbirth class last night and it was really good. Paula (the teacher) showed us the labor and delivery rooms and the nursery and lots of stuff. It made me feel better to see it all and know where we'd be. We alsoo talked about Child Safety Seats and Infant CPR, we needed a refresher on that, so it was good. But when we got home last night both Brian and I were just overloaded! We have taken in so much information lately and have so much going on!!! And the baby could be here ANY TIME!!! Ahhhhhh! :) We're a little anxious, yes, but we're not freaking out! It's been so great to just talk to eachother about our concerns and thoughts, that has helped tremendously! Then today I went to the Pediatrician's office for a prenatal visit, just to meet the doctor and fill out some paperwork and ask questions. The doctor we want is Dr. Ruff who is AWESOME! I had never met him, until today, but Brian knew him when he worked at OCH and was adamant that we use him! He is the nicest, most down-to-earth and just friendly guy!!!! I love him! I'm sad that he won't be our baby's doctor for very long. :( He answered all of my questions and was just great! So, I got more information, but that's ok, I'm handling it. :)
So, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and we'll see if I'm dilated yet. It would be so cool if I am, but at the same time, we have SOOO much to get done that I hope I'm not. I still think Baby Chisholm is going to be early. I have March 6th in my head, but that's probably just because 6 is my favorite number, so....who knows??? Well, God does, that's for sure, and that's definitely good enough for me!

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The Overstreets said...

How did the doctor's visit go????!!! Thinking of you.. love you!