February 19, 2007

God's Amazing Provision!

In the last week things have changed so much as far as where we thought we were going to live when we move to Arkansas. Praise God!!! He provided so completely and so perfectly what we needed at the exact time we needed it and everything has fallen into place so well!
The short story is that we were looking at buying a fixer-upper in Rison that had a ton of potential. We had just ordered an appraisal on it, but our friend Diane Fore at the bank couldn't get in touch with the appraiser, so things were on hold. Diane called Brian last Wednesday about the appraisal and while they were on the phone her husband, Rickey, came in and got on the phone with Brian. He had seen some people looking at the fixer-upper that we wanted. As he told Brian this Diane called the realtor to see what was going on, and found out that the house had SOLD!!!! Praise God that Diane couldn't get in touch with the appraiser, b/c we would've wasted like $300. Then the Fores told Brian about another house that had just come up for sale in a little neighborhood. Diane really talked it up and said it would be perfect. So Brian called me and told me all of this and we decided to go to Rison the next day to check it out. (We really didn't want to have this one sold out from under us.) So Thursday we arrived in Rison and looked a the house. And we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! These are the pictures from that. Most of them are pretty self-explanitory, but the random one with school buses in it is the school. The picture is taken from the front porch, and that's how close we'll be to the school. (Not that anything is soooo far from it in all of Rison. haha) The house is PERFECT for us--3 bedrooms, 2 baths, nice BIG kitchen, living room, and laundry room!!!! And there is a lot for sale next door that we want to buy as well. So, that night we met with the owner of the house and came to an agreement. He had had 22 calls about the house in 2 days!!! And we were the first! God totally worked this out for us! I was just flabbergasted at how fast everything happened, but I feel so great about it and Brian and I prayed about it and we have no doubts. We're both really excited! So now we're waiting on the appraisal of this house and some other things before the closing, which will be in a week or two! WOW we're going to OWN A HOUSE!!! Praise God for His provision and His amazingly perfect will!

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Jason & Meg said...

Congradualtions!!!! I am so excited for you. You'll probably like it more in the end to have a finished house with a move and a new baby. Let me know if we can help with anything.