February 21, 2007

36 weeks--only FOUR to go!!!

Wow! It's getting SUPER close now! We went to the doctor again today and we'll be going every week from now on until Baby Chisholm arrives. Dr. Furniss is so great! We love her. She said everything is going well and that I'm not dilated yet, but the baby is facing head down which is great! So he or she is in position! WEIRD! I've been feeling some pressure and soreness in my lower abdomen, and now I know why. We seriously have 2 weeks until I'm full term and 4 weeks until our due date! I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet our little one! I know everyone else is excited and ready too! Nana Betsy regularly tells me how ready and anxious she is! :) I love you Mom!
We're praying a lot that everything financially, logistically, emotionally, and health-wise will fall into place for our upcoming move to Rison. We're so excited about the house, and though it's not ours yet, it almost is. It's kinda scary too! We're actually grown-ups now! How crazy is that????

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The Overstreets said...

Bring on the baby!! It's sooooo close. Hooray!