February 7, 2007

34 weeks now!

We went to the doctor today for a check-up and I am at exactly 34 weeks. She said everything is going great and is right on schedule. We asked her lots of questions about some stuff going on--my feet and hands have been swelling, when before they didn't, and sometimes I see stars in my peripheral (sp?) vision--but she said that's normal. I figured that it was, but we had our first childbirth class Monday night and were told that those can be signs of preterm labor. So we thought we'd check just to make sure. The class was good though, we both enjoyed it! We have three more weeks of it and then it'll really be baby time! It's funny though, I have this feeling that the baby is going to come before the due date. I don't know how far before, but I just think he or she won't be too much longer. I may just be getting antsy though, every time my stomach or back hurts I think, "Am I going into labor???" I guess that's normal. I'm praying that Baby Chisholm will be full term, which is 37 complete weeks--which is really 38 weeks--they do this stuff weird! Like the whole being pregnant for 9 months, but it's 9 complete months, so it's really more like 10 months. That is a quote from our childbirth instructor. Confusing, huh??? I just go by weeks.
We have the crib all set up in our room now, I'll put pics up when I can. And I have a good bit of the baby stuff organized. I went to WalMart yesterday and got most of the things I need for my hospital bag and I'm going to start getting that together. I am in full preperation mode for sure. But honestly, I'm getting a little burnt out from all the baby information going through my brain CONSTANTLY! So today I'm going to the library to get a book that has NOTHING to do with babies. I think Baby Chisholm understands. :)


Jason & Meg said...

Hey sweet girl,
Thanks for the update. I am glad everything is going well. So we really have to get a lunch in before baby chisholm arrives.
I'll be in Starkville (or can make it to Starkville by 2:00ish on this Thursday (Feb 15th) Maybe we can have a late afternoon snack. (I eat every few hours anyway.

Katey said...

Hooray for 34 weeks! I know you are getting ready to meet your sweet baby.. let me know if I can help at all. Love you!

BetsyB. said...

I am so excited and anxious for Baby Chisholm to arrive, but God knows exactly when the time is right and I will have to be patient.
I'm going to have to get a Grandma bag ready to go, so when we get the call that the baby is on the way I can grab the bag and be in Starkville ASAP.