March 7, 2007

Braxton Hicks--OUCH!

We have two weeks to go until our due date and we really really really thought that today was the BIG day! We had our weekly appointment this morning so Brian didn't go to work and I got up earlier than usual to get ready. As I was taking a shower this sharp pain started in my abdomen (on the lower non-visible-to-me side of the belly) and it seemed pretty constant at first. Then it would come and go and my back hurt and I was hot and a little nauseated. So I really thought that I was in early labor. I calmly got together the things that weren't packed yet and when Brian got out of the shower I told him that I really thought I was in labor. He was really calm, surprisingly we both were. So we finished getting ready and got everything in the car and headed to our appointment. We didn't really start timing the contractions until we were on our way to the time we have to do better on that. I just knew that this was it and Baby Chisholm was coming today, but by the time we got there they weren't as frequent, and by the time we saw Dr. Furniss they were gone. So, it was a false alarm! Booooo! I was excited! :) But that's ok. God's getting me ready, and Baby Chisholm will come in His perfect time. I keep telling myself that, and I'm praying sooo much for patience. Anyway, for those of you that have never had Braxton Hicks contractions, they HURT! And they are just the warm up. PRAY FOR ME! After this morning natural childbirth is much scarier! :)
Anyway, after all that I had my exam and I'm still not dilated at all! Dr. Furniss said everything looks good. She said the head is way down low. That's probably why I go to the bathroom about twice an hour now. So we'll go back next week and see what's going on then. The baby is moving a whole lot, and kicking my ribs like crazy!!! He or she is definitely running out of room in there. Maybe he/she will decide to come out soon!
On a different subject, we are probably closing on OUR HOUSE :) :) :) tomorrow. We are planning to drive to Greenville and meet the Fores there to sign all the paperwork. We weren't sure how we were going to do it, but now that we know that I'm not dilated, we're just going to meet them half-way and take our hospital bag and everything with us just in case. So be praying that the trip will be safe and that nothing will happen--or if it does we get back fast!


Jason & Meg said...

You are brave! I will definately be praying that your trip is uneventful except for the signing of the mounds of paperwork. I got all excited just reading your blog. I can't wait until Baby Chisholm arrives!!!

The Overstreets said...

Baby Chisholm is just making sure you are paying attention! :)

Won't be long now!