March 13, 2007

Praying for Patience

I am really praying for patience now! My due date is 10 days away and there doesn't seem to be anything happening. We have our Dr. appointment Friday this week (our Dr. is out of town--How dare she!!!) so we'll know for sure if things have progressed then. In the meantime, we had a great weekend! My parents came up for the day Saturday and we just hung out, went to lunch, rode around a little and enjoyed the awesome weather. Then Sunday after church Brian and I went out the the Refuge and walked to a couple of scenic parts, and we rode around on the rough roads out there. (We were kind of hoping the ride would start labor, but no.) It was such a beautiful day!!! We had a good time. Then we rode around Starkville for a little while. We're definitely getting nostalgic and trying to enjoy everything here before we leave. I can't believe that we are moving in about a month and a half! It's crazy! Every once in a while it hits one or both of us just how much our lives are about to change. We have no concept of it, really, but here it comes, ready or not. Praise God that He is gracious and merciful and gives us comfort and assurance through His word. God is so good. And all of these huge changes that sometimes seem so scary are from Him. He is blessing us beyond anything we could ask or want! Praise God! :)

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