March 16, 2007

No baby yet!

We were really hoping and praying that we would go to the Dr. today and she would say, "WOW, you're in labor, let's go to the hospital!!!" But that didn't happen. I am still not dilated at all, sad. I thought I would be emotional about it, but I really am ok with it. God has granted me a measure of grace and patience and I am so thankful for it. Dr. Furniss said that the baby's head is engaged at the 0 station, so he/she is ready, I'm just not having any contractions, so I'm not dilating. I am so thankful for Dr. Furniss, she really made me feel better and eased my mind. So, though things aren't going as we would have them, they are still SO GOOD! I've been sleeping pretty well and I'm not that achy anymore. And the baby is safe and healthy and happy. The heartbeat was about 140 and he/she probably weighs around 7.5 pounds right now. Praise God! He's working and taking care of us. Our prayer is that I will go into labor naturally, whenever that is, and I won't have to be induced. And of course for patience.

Brian and I are both getting more and more excited about moving and our new house and all that. I have been mentally decorating each room for a couple of weeks now, so that's fun. We look at the pictures we have of it all the time and I can really see us in it! It's gonna be fun! I know it hasn't quite hit us that we're not gonna be in Starkville anymore, and when it does that's gonna be hard. But God has it all under control, so we're good. Thanks for your prayers! I love ya'll.

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Aiden said...

Hi! I keep up with your blog through Mary Evelyn. I just wanted to share with you that I've started a message board for MS Moms. It's Mississippi-Moms.Com. Come check it out! I think you'll like it!!! There are other pregnant moms on there. I think MEG may come, soon.